GIve it to me

  Bedazzle 23:36 04 Dec 2006

After taking some advice offered on this forum, I've tinkered with my financial website: click here
and would love to hear what people think. How could I improve it?

  RicScott 20:29 05 Dec 2006

Try to use an external style sheet..easier to manage and you could hide the table or create some CSS boxes..Apart from that not a bad site..

If you must use the Contact Us an a Mailto, try to add something like..

?Subject=Email From Website

after the mail to, this will fill in the Subject part of the email automatically. A better way would be to put a simple form onto a page, looks smarter and more professional.

The top/header and links seen to jump around a little from page to page.

Same as the previous post for the Font..Try to stick to a font that everyone has got..I'll do an example for you..

  RicScott 23:24 05 Dec 2006

I've kept your table structure as a table, the rest is CSS..Looks fine in Firefox..Not tested in anything else.

Instead of using #CCCCCC for the greys I put in a lighter grey #F0F0F0..

click here

  Bedazzle 13:16 06 Dec 2006

Thanks for all your advice. It's been very enlightening, cheers.

  Bedazzle 17:26 06 Dec 2006

For some reason the link you have given doesn't work, RicScott. Could you possibly set it up again?

  RicScott 10:10 09 Dec 2006

Please use this link..Sorry for the delay..been busy..

click here

  Bedazzle 18:29 09 Dec 2006

Thank you RicScott, you've been a great help!
Could you possiby upload an example of the css file that you used to link to the html on that page?


  PurplePenny 19:10 09 Dec 2006

Look in the code and you will see the path to the CSS file. Add it to the URL and it will take you to the file:
click here

  Bedazzle 09:33 13 Dec 2006

Thanks again, RicScott, PurplePenny, your examples are clear and easy to follow - I'm starting to appreciate the benefits of using CSS.

One question re CSS and the banner ad I'm using. If I just link to the image file for the banner ad using CSS, then what do I do about the tracking code html that is supposed to go with the ad?

The ad is part of an affiliate marketing programme with Clixgalore, so the tracking code has to be there, right?

  PurplePenny 09:54 13 Dec 2006

I wouldn't use CSS to serve up the banner image. Just put it in the HTML as usual and position it (if necessary) with the CSS.

The way to think of it is that HTML is for content and CSS for presentation/style: the banner ad is content not style so it can go in the HTML. If you were using a decorative background image you would put that in the CSS because it is style not content.

Remember also that users of some assistive technologies will not see images served up by CSS at all.

  Bedazzle 09:08 14 Dec 2006

Thanks PurplePenny.

Just one last question re RickScott's suggestion click here

Why does the background colour change when you hover over the first "apply" image, but not the rest?

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