Girlfriends PC keeps locking up entirely.

  rb?k 17:41 07 Dec 2007

My girlfriends PC has been freezing entirely intermitantly for a while now and i can not figure out why. I have ran various scans, virus ones, spyware ones, HD errors, even spinrite to see if there was a fault at all. So far nothing found, i think it seems to happen whenever the pc is online, but my girlfriend is adament it has happened while not connected to the internet. I formatted it and reintalled things bit by bit, nothing happened, and then i installed the internet and low n behold it freezes within 24 hours, so it HAS to be that right?? surely not a coincidence. However i cant figure out why it would.

We have 2 Pc's running off of a sky broadband router, we previously had them running off of a phillips router when we were with virgin, and the pc that freezes is run using a phillips wireless internet stick in the front USB port.
I get a feeling that the pc may freeze when my pc is also on, could this happen? As i spent an entire weekend fixing her comp whilst not on mine and then we were both online when id finished and hers froze.

I did a hijack this log if anyone needs to see the results as its to big to post here.

I am almost certain that it is nothing software related, and that it is either hardware inside the pc or down to the internet some how and that i need to tweak some settings.

PLEASE help me.

Many thanks


  spuds 17:54 07 Dec 2007

A couple of questions to start the ball rolling:

What browsers and operating systems are you using.

  Technotiger 17:54 07 Dec 2007

Hmm, not an wireless expert myself, but, could it be something as simple as a Faulty Phillips wireless stick!

  rb?k 19:20 07 Dec 2007

We were using Win XP, now im using Win XP Ultimate because when i formatted the pc it was the only thing i had available to load onto it.
The browser is Firefox, although she was using Explorer and a program called crazy browser.

Could a faulty wireless stick really do this?! I would be slightly impressed if it was all down to that hehe. The pc is completely freezing, our only option is to turn it off when it happens.

  Terry Brown 19:32 07 Dec 2007

I had a problem similar to that a while ago, except mine would only boot up (full boot) about 1 in 3 times, I finally traced it to a duff Network card, replaced the card, cured the problem.

  Technotiger 19:37 07 Dec 2007

For 'card' read 'stick' ..... ?

  rb?k 19:42 07 Dec 2007

So do you reckon if i buy a wire and connect it directly to the Router the problem will go away?

Il be so greatful if this is it! Just incase it is not are there any other ideas anyone has that i could try? I think if i dont get it fixed by Christmas it is going out of the window!! This has been ongoing for over a year now, we just decided to stop using it and "cope" with one PC hehe.

  Technotiger 19:47 07 Dec 2007

A good possibility!

  rb?k 19:21 08 Dec 2007

Well iv bought a new wireless stick and used a different USB port, so far so good. If i get anymore problems il give this thread an update, i wont tick it as done yet as im not totally convinced its fixed yet but if after a week iv had no problems il come back, re thank you guys for your help and call it resolved. Cheers guys.

  Technotiger 19:57 08 Dec 2007

Grreat, thanks for the feedback - I am sure you have done right by buying a new 'stick'.

  rb?k 21:33 08 Dec 2007

After just under an hour its frozen, the keyboard doesn't respond eg numlock doesnt turn off, caps lock doesnt turn on, the cd drives still open and close though!! The new wireless stick is still green, im doubting its anything to do with that now, so it must be a problem with the pc. Iv done plenty of hard drive scans and iv scanned the ram with another floppy bootdisk scanner so im confident neither of them are at fault, iv formatted the pc so im positive its not a software fault. I can still hear the fan etc so thats still going as always, i only noticed the pc had frozen because i set the screen saver to clock so it tells me what time it froze (20:56)

Any new suggestions??

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