Gigaworks S750 - Audigy 2ZS - DDTS-100 ?

  Gaz 25 01:06 17 Aug 2004

I am about to upgrade my PC speakers to the Creative Gigaworks S750.

Anyone have any good/bad comments on them?

Also, to complement these I am also going to either buy a Audigy 2ZS sound card or a DDTS-100 Decoder.

I can't buy both, but basically the DDTS-100 Decoder would allow me to play music via a HiFi or DVD player and have DTS, Dolby audio.

However I could get this decoder all built into a cheaper sound card, but then that would be trusting my computer and it's sound card to work - without hassle. I'm afraid to say that PC's dont run flawlessly all the time - and occasionally I might need my music in these times. That means that the DDTS-100 Decoder would be the best buy... but it is more expensive and the sound card will offer much more functionality.

Which do you suggest I should choose?


  Gaz 25 01:32 17 Aug 2004

Is there any way to send a signal from a line out on a MD player or MP3 player to go through all speakers on the Gigaworks?

  hugh-265156 01:49 17 Aug 2004

not sure sorry. i guess it would connect to the line in on the sound card and then the sound card is connected to the speakers etc.

sorry i cant offer any other advice really as i have not heard any of these models in action, have heard similar though. if it were me, i personally would buy a half decent 5.1 soundcard for £30 and then go to the likes of richer sounds and spend the same money as you would on the gigaworks and audigy instead on a dedicated 5.1 amp and speakers minus the sub) and add it later.

i can guarantee you even without the sub and only being 5.1 the sound will be better than any pc 7.1 speakers. but thats just my opinion.

if i had to choose speakers just made for a pc then i would get the gigaworks and the audigy.

  Gaz 25 02:27 17 Aug 2004

I already do have a HT system and a floorstanding system with 10" subwoofer.

However, these speakers will be connected to the PC and I can't exactly have floorstanders connected in a small PC room - too large.

Thanks for your comments through!

I have been reading about the decoders and there is a few known problems with them - I think it will have to be the Audigy.

  Gaz 25 02:57 17 Aug 2004

of good reviews.

But from users in the creative forums lots of complaints about hissing, cracking, poping and easily blowing the speakers. Thats 700watts of clean power and someone can blow it? ;-o

Are these worth buying for PC speakers or not?

  Gaz 25 09:53 17 Aug 2004


  hugh-265156 12:35 17 Aug 2004

don't worry to much about the creative forums. i think many of the postings here come from those who have not set up their computer correctly. creative gear is on the whole, good quality kit.

as for wattage,its not that important when it comes to volume. signal to noise ratio is when it comes to how loud it can go. the higher the s/n ratio the more efficient the amp and speakers will be for a given power input. this is usually expressed as s/n =89db/1w for example.

therefore a 40w RMS amp may be louder when attached to more efficient speakers say 91db/1w than a 400w amp would be with less efficient ones rated at 88db/1w.

more wattage does help though to give some control to the sound IE/ stopping and starting the speaker cones quickly when things get busy or the volume changes suddenly, this helps to keep it all tight. look for wattage reported as 'RMS per channel' as this gives a truer picture of actual power.

  Gaz 25 13:05 17 Aug 2004

I understand that SNR is important - and the Creatives have a 99dB which are pretty good.

I have decided to give these a whirl on my current 5.1 snd card first. The Gigaworks is 70watts per channel in RMS (Root Meen Squared) and the subwoofer is 210watts RMS. All at 99dB SNR.

Seems to me that these sets are very good, and very powerful for the cost and the size.


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