Gigabyte GA-VAXP and ATi Radeon 9700 128Mb DDR

  User-520CAA20-BC41-4EAF-91DABBFA58CE03DB 17:07 31 May 2003

im buying a new pc and below is the spec for Mob and graphic card.
Are these future proof (if there is such a thing)is this a competent mob

Gigabyte GA-VAXP Ultra KT400 ATX Socket A Motherboard, 3x DDR Slots, 5 PCI and 1x AGP, 6xUSB, 3x Firewire 1394 Ports

ATi Radeon 9700 128Mb DDR
all help greatly appreciated (did i spell that right)

  rickf 17:24 31 May 2003

I believe that VAXP Ultra will go up to 3mhz. You can always check it up on the mobo website. Graphics are moving so fast that you can be certain a new one will come along in a matter of a few months. The FX5900 is coming in the Autumn, I think.

  professor 18:22 31 May 2003

go for a Radeon 9800pro or wait a bit as ATI are releasing a 256MB DDR2 version of the R9800pro


  goonerbill 19:16 31 May 2003

the mobo is good but gigabyte are bringing out, if not around already the ga-vaxp-A click here and vaxp-A ultra click here which have via chipsets or theres the nvidia n2 chipset boards ga-nnxp click here and ga-nnxpv click here which take the new amd xp3200+ 200(400mhz fsb) which have had good reviews. the vaxp-A's boards dont offically support the xp3200+ even though the bios will go to 200 (400mhz).


The fx5900 is crap, i think ya need to have a look on the web, as all sites that have benchmarked it, it comes out on top of all ATI's present range of graphic cards.

  professor 23:06 05 Jul 2003

the fx5900 it little more than yet ANOTHER geforce3 chip ramped up with a few extra crap features nothing new or special the ATI R9800pro is new AND special

  hugh-265156 23:21 05 Jul 2003

nice,there is always something more future proof out tomorrow though.

  mrdsgs 08:18 06 Jul 2003

make sure you get the ga7vaxp ultra A

this is the newest version and is much improved on the past incarnations.

As well as IDE RAID it included Serail ATA Raid and external Serial ATA and improved Firewire support and 400mhz fsb support

Expect to pay around £100 or £120 in a retail shop.


  goonerbill 10:07 06 Jul 2003

the vaxp ultra A has a 400mhz fsb on memory but it will not run a cpu at 400mhz fsb unless ya overclock the mobo.

the only boards that will take 400mhz fsb mem and cpu are the nnxp and nnxpv.

check my links in previous posting.

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