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  Quiet Life 23:58 27 Aug 2005

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GA-K8NF-9 The Athlon 64 3400 939 had been running very hot and a better CPU fan was fitted by the technician. The cooler was not seated properly and the CPU temperature as shown by Everest quickly soared to 92c. At this temperature the computer was closed down either by the motherboard or CPU.
Would reaching this temperature have done any long term damage to the motherboard and should it be replaced?

Global Technical Service Reply

You will need to send your email to our technical department as we can not forward it from here sorry for the delay


GBT UK team

After three days I got the above reply! Needless to say there is no other Technical Department on their website.
If anybody has experience of the effects of having a CPU going to 92c would appreciate their feed back.
Quiet Life

  Skills 00:05 28 Aug 2005

The fact that the pc powered off is a good thing so hopefully will have prevented any long term damage to the chip.

Is the system back up n running?

  freaky 11:48 28 Aug 2005

I have a Gigabyte GA-7DXR MOB. In the BIOS settings under PC Health, you can set the maximum temperature of the CPU so that it will give you a warning if the temp' is exceeded. By default this is disabled....suggest you check on this. Also, in PC Health it will show you the speed of the cooler fan.

Also check that the paste between the Heat Sink and CPU is intact....if it is not then it will overheat no matter what Fan is fitted. This conductivity paste is available from most computer shops.

I would doubt that your CPU is damaged, but check
and re-paste first before using it again.

  Quiet Life 16:45 28 Aug 2005

It is up and running but there have been some odd things happening that may be unconected.
The bios warning had been set by Targa to 80c but AMD said it should be at 70c so I had set it to that. The alarm sounded at 70c but it went so fast from 8oc to 92c it was not possible to switch off the computer before the computer tripped and turned off. I was watching the temperature in Everest.

CPU Type I have an Athlon 64 3400+ 939 ( Not listed by AMD as non standard)

In Everst CPU Type was first shown as an AMD Athlon 64 1800 10x175 (I cannot be sure on the 10x175 but something that came to1800) 3000+

Next time it showed as an AMD Athlon 64 2000 (10x200) 3200+

Next time AMD Athlon 64 2200 (11x200) 3500+

This last reading was always constant for the previous chip.

The CPUID has always been Athlon 64 Processor 3400+

The CPU type shown as a 3500 is clearly OK but why did I get the earlier misreadings? Could the overheating to 92c have caused this problem?

Quiet Life

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