Gigabit Ethernet Help Please ?

  Tinkey Winkey 00:56 27 Apr 2006

I have a 2Meg Broadband connection via a Wanadoo Live Box (ADSL Modem & Router combined)

It is attached to my PC via the gigabit LAN motherboard socket & the Router LAN socket.

I guess the Router probably only has 100mbps LAN sockets becuse that's what it says when I click on 'status'.(I read that the speed of your network defaults to the lowest compatible hardware device on the network.)

The status of my 'Internet Gateway' says 2.2mbps?
Does this mean 2200mbps and if so why is my connection speed only 100mbps?

Basically I want to know if I replace my wanadoo live box with an ADSL modem/Router with gigabit LAN sockets instead of 10/100 will this improve my internet connection speed particuarly for online gaming?

Will my staus show 1000mbps instead of 100mbps?


  mgmcc 07:54 27 Apr 2006

<<< Does this mean 2200mbps and if so why is my connection speed only 100mbps? >>>

No, it doesn't mean 2200Mbps, it means 2.2Mbps - 2200kbps (kilobits per sec) or about 275kBps (kiloBytes per sec). Your network connection between the computer and the router, at 100Mbps, is running approximately 45 times faster than your broadband internet connection, so I don't think it is having a serious effect on your online gaming! :-)

Obviously, if you connect a 1Gbps (1000Mbps) adapter to a 100Mbps port, the speed of the connection is going to be restricted by the slower port. If you have a need to run your Local Area Network at 1Gbps between your computers, you could install a Gigabit network switch and connect the computers and router to that. The computers could then communicate at 1Gbps while connecting to the router at 100Mbps for internet access.

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