gif problem with ThumbsPlus slideshow

  princesplaff 21:22 13 Feb 2004

I am running ThumbsPlus v4.5, and use the slideshow feature on a regualr basis, however, I have noticed that animated gifs do not "animate" during a slideshow. I have scoured the help files to no avail. Does anyone know of a way to run animated gifs during a slideshow?

  johnnyrocker 21:23 13 Feb 2004

click here and see if this one helps, has had rave reviews.


  Pesala 21:42 13 Feb 2004

Amazing though Irfan View is, it doesn't animate gifs during a slideshow. One can view animations by using the next and previous arrows from the toolbar to view files in a directory, but that is not the same as a slideshow.

  princesplaff 21:50 13 Feb 2004

I recall in the dim distant past, I tried Irfan View and found it to be inferior to ThumbsPlus, I have used Thumbs for so many years now that it has become one of those programs that I install straight after a re-install, it is indispensible - except for the gif problem!

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