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  swanny2 12:37 19 Aug 2005

hi there when i use too download some gif images too use as a Avatar they use too move when i looked at them , now they dont on my pc .
any ideas why any1 help appreciated cheers.

Swanny . :O)

  AndySD 14:38 19 Aug 2005

Try opening them in Internet Explorer. Right Click on them and choose Open With.

  feb 15:19 19 Aug 2005

Hi swanny2

If using XP try viewing them as a slide show

  swanny2 01:55 20 Aug 2005

im using windows me
what im saying is in a forum i use u can have a Avatar an ones i use too have u cud see them move now they dont .?just wondering why .

  p;3 11:03 20 Aug 2005

have you mentioned this problem to the admin staff of the site that this is happening on , as maybe their board requirements and user abilities have changed:) try sending a Personal message (do you know how to do that?)to the admin of that site or starting a thread on the site in question to ask:)

  feb 23:21 20 Aug 2005

As this is an Absolute beginners board, just to clarify,

when you "Download" you copy to your PC,

when you "Upload" you paste from your PC,

So as p;3 says you need to contact the forum editor or admin staff to find out why this is happening on there paticular board.

If you need any help on how to do this, post a link to the web site in question and we will see what we can do!

  swanny2 01:01 21 Aug 2005

it worked before on there site np .also when i view them on the site i get them from they still dont move. ty any way for ure time

  p;3 03:56 21 Aug 2005

which site do you get them from?

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