Giant Antispyware

  Meshuga 09:38 05 Nov 2005

I have giant antispyware which expires in a few days. As giant was taken over by Microsoft does anyone have any opinions on the efficiency and reliability of Microsoft Antispyware which I believe is virtually the old Giant prog. I also run Ad-aware, Spybot and A2. My OS is XPHomesp2. Any advice appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:13 05 Nov 2005

All I run is MS Antispy and AVg. I have never had any problems. MS Antispy is all you should need.


  J B 10:16 05 Nov 2005

I agree with GANDALF MS Antispy is good, go for it. J.B.

  Joe R 10:16 05 Nov 2005


all I run now is, Spybot, adaware, and spywareblaster. (all with no problems)

I wouldn't think you would need anything else.

  gel 10:56 05 Nov 2005

All I run is spybot(some delays recently with down loads but normally OK) ad aware and recently microsoft anti spy (using the extended run and self updating- runs can be scheduled )
In addition the free Avast anti virus (self updating)
All with no problems

  gudgulf 11:11 05 Nov 2005

I am in the same position as subscription to GIANT expires next week.

The only thing about the Microsoft Beta that bothers me is it lack of functions (cookie scanning for example) and the fact that with a full years worth of development it does not seem to have added to anything the original GIANT software.

Still its free!

If you don't mind a small subscription then the sister product to GIANT is worth considering.

Counterspy click here

I am giving the 15 day trial of it a go right now.

  Chegs ® 11:37 05 Nov 2005

The nets not a nice place to hang out,so I have AVG/MS Anti-spyware/A2/Spybot/Spyware Blaster/Adaware,and several other anti-summats,all happily coexisting on my PC.

MS Anti-Spyware does a good job at repelling boarders,but the other tools remove the ones it misses.

  joseph K 11:46 05 Nov 2005

I used to use it and found that it did discover three, or four things which were missed by Adware and Spybot, I thought it was great. Xsoft is another great product, that found exactly 40! things that the other three hadn't found on the first occasion that I used it. Then for a long while it found nothing, until another 40 odd was found again.
I'm not sure that these things were really doing any harm, but getting rid of them certainly didn't either.

  Audeal 12:15 05 Nov 2005

joseph K: So what is this great Xsoft program you are on about. I have never heard of it before. How about a link to the download site so we can all take a look at it.

  Stuartli 12:19 05 Nov 2005

I have all the usual - Avast! S and D, Ad-Aware and SpywareBlaster but recently added MS's AntiSpyware.

It seems excellent and looks after other aspects such as installation of software etc.

  Meshuga 13:44 05 Nov 2005

What a wonderful response. Many thanks to all.

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