Ghosting a computer

  originalmiscellany 13:53 24 Jan 2008

I have a laptop 2.5inch hard drive with 2 partitions on it - c and d, and a capacity of 40 gig.

I've got a new 100 gig 2.5 inch HD which I want to transfer via ghosting/acronis true image the stuff from the 40 gig to the 100 gig. Is it simply a case of:

true imaging the 40 gig hd to the external 100 gig hd, then running the software on the 100 gig HD to "resore" the computer, before swapping HD's over?

I think it is but I'm not too sure.

Please advise if this cause of action is the right one.

  keef66 14:18 24 Jan 2008

I used True Image to clone my full 80gig HDD to a new 250gig one, but that was in a desktop with the 2 discs installed as master & slave. (I remember it wouldn't do it from within Windows, I had to do it by starting the pc with the Acronis disk in the drive)

It sounds like what you're proposing is correct, but i'd wait till you hear from someone who's done it that way.

  originalmiscellany 11:57 25 Jan 2008

i can use a destktop PC with caddies should that be needed...
I'd still like confirmation that what I'm doing is correct?!

  keef66 12:08 25 Jan 2008

That sounds even easier; you wouldn't then be cloning the dosk with the active OS on it, so you could do it in Windows without the rebooting that proved a problem for me.

Failing that, do what I did with the new drive attached in a caddy. Make sure the laptop is set to boot from CD, insert the Acronis disk and restart it. Choose clone, and all you then have to do is select the disk to copy and the disk to write to.

You'd need to check that your version of True Image supports cloning to an ext. usb HDD. Mine's ver 10 and does.

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