Ghost and XP

  Derek 06:38 07 Jun 2003

Just a thought but... what happens if I take a Norton Ghost from "C" to slave "D", take out the drive and stick it in my other machine as a Master.
Have I then got two machines working with XP - which Bill would not approve of ?

I've not yet loaded my newly bought Win XP Pro yet and I'm still using both PC's on ME but I do regularly use Ghost as a backup system.

Just a thought !! Kind regards.

  goonerbill 06:43 07 Jun 2003

each pc is ment to have its own copy of what ever version of windows you are using. you could have one running XP and one running ME. there is nothing from stopping you from having XP on both though, except ya licence from microsoft.

  -pops- 07:02 07 Jun 2003

When booting, XP looks for and identifies the hardware it will be working with. If you have changed a significant amount of that hardware, XP sees it as a new system and requires you to contact Microsoft to explain yourself.

Even if your two systems are ostensibly identical, they are not as the components will have slight differences which the operating system will be able to recognise.


  goonerbill 07:23 07 Jun 2003

sorry to disagree with -pops- but that only happens in winXP home edition. as you are using winXP pro you dont get any of that crap

xp pro user

  wawadave 08:22 07 Jun 2003

if you just take a ghost image of the o/s on the computer and put it on an none active pation it wont be bootable. but you could burn copy to cd,s and use those on anther machine.after finishing installing ghost image in new machine.reboot to safe mode and goto device manager and remove every thing.
there is still the matter of the operateing system see to much hard ware haveing been changed. and wanting to call microsucks to make you register the o/s.
have a nice day

  -pops- 08:42 07 Jun 2003

You've tried this cheat then?


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