'Ghost website' driving me mad!

  OLDRAY 22:52 08 May 2009

Hi everyone
I run Windows XP (2003) with IE 7
Last year I had a wensite designed for my driving school business. click here It didn't work out as my designer was not interested in helping me once I had paid. So I had a new site designed using my original domain name as shown above which was transfereed into my name (was originaly in name of previous web designer)
My new web site is on a completly different server but my old web site keep coming back randomly and it happens whether I click on the icon I have for it on my desktop or if I 'google' it.
This 'aparition' is only seen on my PC and even when I see my old web site people outside on other PC 's see my new site so this is a problem with my PC in as much as the old web site is apparently never viewed externaly from my PC amd my new web site chap is certain there is no way the old web site exists any more-- except in my PC!
As I had a fall out with my previous web site designer and he briefly closed my site down although he had been paid in full in advance I did copy some of the pages of the old site into 'my documents' to keep the text safe.
I just don't know what to do about the old site which keeps regularly popping up when I click to see my new site. Can anyone please advise on removal of this annoying problem. Please don't say it would mean completly scrubbing the hard drive!
Hope someone can help!

  OTT_Buzzard 22:59 08 May 2009

First thing to try is to clear you internet history. There's a chance that it is loading from the cache.

Tools - Internet Options - delete browsing history / temp files.

  phono 23:26 08 May 2009

Also delete offline content as well, see click here

  OLDRAY 01:58 10 May 2009

Thanks for the advice phono
I run OE and I therefor can't find a way to delete the off line content you refer to.
Can you 9or anyone) advise please?

  OLDRAY 01:59 10 May 2009

Sorry phono
I Should have said I run Outlook express 7

  phono 02:18 10 May 2009

Outlook Express is an email client, not a web browser, such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8, to delete temporary files and offline content look at click here

  OLDRAY 09:21 10 May 2009

Hi phono
Sorry again I meant IE7 not oe7!I Was up to late!
I tried as suggested but nothing seems to work and the flippin 'ghost web site' is back again this morning!!!

  phono 11:34 10 May 2009

When the ghost website shows up what address is shown in the address bar?

  octal 13:23 10 May 2009

Just a comment, I did a back trace on your web site and I can see your personal address registered on the database, you might want to sign into the Nominet site and select the section to not publish your address, this has nothing to do with your "ghost" web page, it's just for your own security.

Just another thought, which internet service provider are you using? Some ISP's are a bit slow on renewing their cached pages, AOL is a good example of being a bit slow.

  OLDRAY 23:56 10 May 2009

Hi Phono
Are you saying compare the two addresses in the address bar to see if they differ at all?
I will do so and publish it to the forum unless you are sugesting another reason for me to look at the address?

  phono 00:15 11 May 2009

"Are you saying compare the two addresses in the address bar to see if they differ at all?"

In short, yes, it may, or there again may not :^), shed some light on this problem.

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