Ghost and RAID

  StephenPattenden 08:44 12 Mar 2006

I run a PC with ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Mainboard with RAID included on the board by Nvidia. Current BIOS is installed. The Processor is an Athlon 4600+ Dual Core running at 2400GHz. I use a RAID Set of a 0+1 array of 4 drives mirrored and striped using the onboard Nvidia RAID controller.

I have used Ghost 9.00 to make backup imaged of the drives (to another networked PC and USB Drive) on two ocassions during the process, I have had a reported drive failure on the array.

The Nvidia documentation states "Typically, disk cloning software accelerates data transfer through direct disk access, which also allows for overlapping read and write calls, further accelerating the process. Because INT13 calls cannot “overlap”, read and write operations must be performed in series, which causes the disk cloning process to perform slower when RAID is enabled."

Does anyone have information on possible problems of incompatibility between Ghost and Nvidia RAID Arrays.

  UncleP 13:19 12 Mar 2006

A couple of months ago I had an error on the RAID1 array on my home computer (a smaller brother of yours). I read everything I could find on Google and Yahoo searches on RAID failure mechanisms, but didn't see anything on incompatibilities with disk imaging software. In principle there shouldn't be a problem, but there are some fairly low-level processes involved so they can't be ruled out.

The array failure occurred during the replacement of a faulty CD/DVD reader. At some stage the drive letters for the various optical and hard drives became confused, a situation complicated by the fact that the healthy array is represented by a single letter (C:) while the degraded array was assigned two (C: and F:) for the separate disks. It is possible that a similar mechanism applies in your case, but I don't know enough about how XP and Ghost assign, maintain and use the drive letters to speculate on its nature.

  StephenPattenden 19:11 30 Mar 2006

This problem is still unresolved.

I have had no feedback from Symantec despite reminders. I shall soon look elsewhere for AV, Backup etc.

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