To Ghost of Inept Pig

  DeePCuBe 10:51 09 Jan 2003
  DeePCuBe 10:51 09 Jan 2003

I read your review in the march03 edition.
Quality ;)

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 12:29 09 Jan 2003

Awwww... Thanks

All my years of slavish devotion, and witty comments finally gets appreciated... :)

Not got the magazine yet, did they correct all my typos?

  DeePCuBe 12:35 09 Jan 2003

yep indeed. I haven't got the game either.

  DeePCuBe 14:06 09 Jan 2003

I got removed from the room as there was a class.

I find the idea of giving me a magazine from march. you'd think there would be a lot of technological advancements in this industry between january and march

  DeePCuBe 12:33 10 Jan 2003

I have always wondered were that name came from.

Did you play a career match as 'Inept Pig', lose, and come back even better with 'Ghost of Inept Pig'.
did you start as 'Ghost'

  Pilch.... 12:53 10 Jan 2003

Ill explain...

many moon's ago, when me IP and the gang used to haunt the gamesroom, IP wanted to learn morea bout computer's, and so tried to leave us and depart from the gamesroom, and our little home called irc now....

any how about 2 days later he reappeared saying how he missed us etc etc, and so then decided t call himself the ghost of inpet pig as a reminder of inpet pig the first.

  DeePCuBe 13:06 10 Jan 2003



I thought TGOIP liked wrestling and in particular Macho Man/King Randy Savage. He lost a career bout and then stormed back a kicked the bum of the guy, who had to cheat, and beat him up. It was probably Mr Perfect he was a mean guy back in the early 90's.

Dur dur...dur dur
Randy entrance tune. when you here it the lid pooped off stadium roof.

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:20 10 Jan 2003

... at least a week, before I came back with vegenance...

Never thought my name was that unusual to be honest...

  DeePCuBe 10:41 13 Jan 2003

It ain't
It just has a lot of words in it...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:55 13 Jan 2003

May I suggest that DeePCuBe and The Ghost of Inept Pig marry, as there seems to be a deep bonding.

I will take the photos at a greatly reduced price. :-)


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