Ghost images and XP backup

  kingkenny 19:59 14 May 2003

Hello All,

I want to buy a second HDD for my computer to use as a split partition drive and use one of the partitions as my backup drive, copying my entire work space periodically across. I was going to just use the XP backup utility but got to thinking about buying or downloading software to do a ghost/mirror image of my drive. I also have Nero and spotted that has a backup utility.

I am not too sure what is the best method and wondered if I could gain the thoughts and wisdom of the forum people on this subject.

Can you share tips and best methods for backing up an entire drive?
I am using about 15-20Gb at the moment.

Can anyone suggest good software for backing up in this manner? I had a look at Norton's site and could only find a corporate ghost edition.

Any thoughts and stories would be appreciated

cheers all

  MIke 20:09 14 May 2003

Drive Image has the ability to make an exact of your existing drive onto another drive. The program can then be used subsequently create complete backups of one partition to the other

click here

  MIke 20:11 14 May 2003

missed out the word "copy"!!

I am sure that there are more but the 2 widely recognised leaders are Norton's Ghost and Powerquest's Drive Image.

Both do an excellent job of copying and restoring, personally I use Drive Image as I believe it has a more friendly user approach than Ghost.

Should you want Ghost it is sold as part of Norton Systemworks, which includes anti-virus and utilities.

There is a 3rd alternative in that Powerquest Partition Magic 8 also comes with a programme called Datakeeper, I am using this and have had occasion to restore one file from its backup facility which was a success.

I will not throw away my Drive Image though, well not yet, although it is looking promising.


  kingkenny 22:31 14 May 2003

Thanks for the contributions Whisperer and Mike

anyone else have tips and hints on backups that they would like to add?

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