Ghost 2003 Personal Edition

  BBez 14:42 28 May 2003

after reinstalling 2000 on my second machine i made an image with ghost. For testing purposes, the machine has a 20GB drive split into 2 10GB partitions (c:\ & d:\) but when I went to restore the image from the Ghost Boot Disk, it was only detecting the c:\ drive at 20GB to restore to. Am i correct in assuming that if i restore the image it will wipe out my partitions and just leave me with a single 20GB partition. The image was created of the c:\ drive when the d:\ partition existed. Any help, thanks in advance...

  jimv7 15:09 28 May 2003

Restore ghost from 'Partition' to 'Partition' from image.

  BBez 20:57 29 May 2003

nice one m8, that fixed it...cheers again

  jimv7 21:10 29 May 2003

Glad to be able to assist, but if this thread is finished, please use the green tick to mark it.

  BBez 21:39 29 May 2003

Jimv7, cheers for that, i'm on a dial up and suffering from server saturation tonight :)

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