ghost 10 or 3

  rsinbad 16:49 27 Sep 2006

i have norton ghost 2003 would like your opinion on upgrading to norton ghost 10.

  Pine Man 18:41 27 Sep 2006

I used to have Ghost 2003, which I am sure you already know is quite slow and works in PC DOS. It always worked well and restored my system when necessary.

I updated to Ghost 10, which is a lot faster to use and not so complicated. After using it a couple of times it started failing to validate the back ups I had made. I queried it with Symantec and their reply was something like - don't worry if you can't validate the back ups they are probably ok!

I wasn't happy with Ghost 10 and Symantec gave me a refund. When I re-installed Ghost 2003 I could not get it to work properly at all and ended up using Acronis True Image 9, which actually is a lot better than Ghost 10 'promised' to be.

My advice is to stick with Ghost 2003 if you're happy with it. If not I would seriously consider Acronis before forking out on Ghost 10.

Good luck!

  rsinbad 19:24 27 Sep 2006

i have read that some people have had problems with ghost 10 really looking for some feedback before (if) i decide to update. i am quite happy with ghost 2003 apart from the failing to evaluate, when first installed it worked fine ;but no longer works,this inabillity to validate seemed to happen after updating the 2003 version.

thanks for your imput

  Stuartli 19:32 27 Sep 2006

I'm also quite happy with Ghost 2003.

  woodchip 20:18 27 Sep 2006

Problem Backing up or Creating a Image of the Operating System Partition within Windows is fraught with problems, as Files are constantly changing. That's why DOS is the better option even with Acronis.

I use Acronis 9 in DOS from a Rescue CD that I created withing the Program. Acronis can then be removed from the Hard Drive

  GaT7 20:20 27 Sep 2006

Have a look at Ghost 10's new features at click here, to see if offers enough to interest you.

Previous to v10 (used now with WinXP) I used the version that worked in PC-Dos with Win98se. I'd go for v10 any day. Check eBay click here - you may get a bargain. G

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