GFX card, PSU and Windows Vista

  donki 10:32 28 Mar 2007

Ok just bought eVGA 8800GTS 640mb for £180 for ebay i couldnt wait any longer. Ok firstly I have a 500Watt PSU is this ok to run the card as it says it does consume alot of power, I have all the usual accessories ie webcam, wirless keyboard, iPod dock etc is there any way i can figure out how much power my computer is using? or should I be ok?

Secondly, all the editions of Vista confuse me..... Wots the difference between the upgrade and full version? I can get WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM 64BIT FULL VERSION from eBay buts the seller states its an OEM?? What is that and is it legal, Ive a feeling that it is for new computers only.

Lastly, do all versions of Windows Vista support DX10?

I know its alot but thanks in advance.

  Kate B 11:28 28 Mar 2007

I would upgrade the PSU - I think 500W is probably not enough.

And I wouldn't buy software from eBay. That aside, you only want the 64bit edition if you have a 64bit processor, and even then I'd think twice about it as 64bit drivers are a bit thin on the ground and 64bit Vista won't install unsigned drivers so you could find a lot of your kit unusable.

The OEM version is more or less the same as the retail version, though strictly speaking you're in breach of the EULA (and so is the eBay vendor) if you install it on anything but a new PC, though I imagine your new graphics card would probably just about count for licensing purposes.

Buy a legit upgrade copy of Home Premium - and I'd recommend 32bit - and do a clean install using the workaround detailed click here

  donki 17:57 28 Mar 2007

Ok i didnt feel comfortable buying it from eBay to b honest, I actually have a 550Watt not that its a big difference. Il try it first and if theres a problem il change it.

Thanks Kate

  Snec 18:10 28 Mar 2007

I have recently bought three OEM OSs from an eBay vendor.

There is no reason to feel uncomfortable with buying from any company selling on eBay, so long as you check out the feedback and select accordingly.

You can save a small fortune buying OEM and the only difference between them and a retail version is the money left in your wallet.

  [email protected] 18:13 28 Mar 2007

most on the gaming forums use 480 watt antecs on gtx and thats with overclocking in a lot of cases, so i guess you'll be ok if it's a good quality one.

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