GFX Card probs - all started with BIOS. PLZ READ!

  ntenn 00:52 13 Jan 2004

OK. I was looking at the BIOS on my comp. I was looking thru the AGP settings. my Motherboard and Graphics card both support AGP 8x. I set it so that it would run at 8x. But, above that, I saw the aperture size......

The card itself is 256MB, but I saw 512MB available. I knew there was no way I could double the RAM, but I wanted to see what would happen.

I cannot get anything to show up! I turn the power on, it beeps madly. Not as it would normally when there is a problem, it was beeping quicker, and then pausing, then a few more rapid beeps. It's really irritating me. I have put in an older 8MB Gfx card, to see if the BIOS would adjust accordingly, but that didn't work either. I tried boot disks, not in the hope that they would do anything, as they obviously wouldn't, but just to rule them out. You know how it is.

Any solutions to my problem would be appreciated.

It's a powerful PC, built by myself a while ago.
512MB RAM etc. I don't think any of it really applies here, as the card was working fine before I felt the urge to screw up the BIOS.

Thank you very much for reading this!

  Giggle n' Bits 00:58 13 Jan 2004

then gently remove the battery on the motherboard for about 10 minutes.

Then replace battery get your good card back in fitted and then you will have to reset all the bios settings again.

AGP App size keep at either 128 or 256 but no higher.

Check you Time, CPU, Memory, if there are AUTO options these are more friendly.

  ntenn 01:06 13 Jan 2004

Thank you very much. I am currently waiting for 10 mins :)

Admittedly, i never thought about the battery :D

  hugh-265156 01:14 13 Jan 2004

i cant see how adjusting the agp app size would stop the computer from starting up but do agree with AggaDoo if you cannot get into the bios again to reset then removing the battery should reset it to defaults.

agp app size does`nt really make any difference nowdays with fast cards and computers but make sure it is set to 16mb or over to work correctly with most cards 64/128/256 is the norm click here

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