gfx card problem

  eddie937 19:48 15 Sep 2004

i have bought myself a geforce fx5200 128mb ddr tv out card. before , i had a geforce 4 64 mb card which worked fine on c&c generals(game).
i am having problems running the game on 800x600 resolution as it slows down to a near stand still.
my geforce 4 was working at 1024x768 really fast.i dont know what i am doing wrong.
i followed the instructions that came with the new card, and still it is really slow.
on the desktop it looks better than my geforce 4 did, so it seems it has installed ok.
i am running windows xp pro version 2002 service pack 2, AMD Athlon xp 1800+ 1.54 ghz, 512mb ram. the drivers for the card are the newest straight from nvidia site 61.77_win2kxp_english.
thanks in advance
ps, i have got a 350watt psu aswell

  Giggle n' Bits 19:54 15 Sep 2004

then reinstall the new drivers. Didn't see which Windows you have XP ?

  eddie937 20:02 15 Sep 2004

i didnt think i had to uninstall them as they are the same driver for all geforce cards

  Sion 20:26 15 Sep 2004

Out of interest what geforce 4 card did you have before you upgraded? was it an MX model or a Ti model ?

  joesoaps 20:30 15 Sep 2004

You may find this hard to believe but I had a 64mb Geeforce4mmx440se with AGP8x which I used for gaming and decided to upgrade to Fx5600 which I thought would improve my frame rates.What actually happened was that most games were running much slower and Doom 3 was unplayable,I re-installed the drivers,removed old drivers, tried newer drivers from NVidia website all to no avail.After much frustration I reverted back to the mmx440 card and all went back to as it was,I never did find out what the problem was but I hope you can sort your problem.

  eddie937 15:06 16 Sep 2004

the model of my old geforce card is an ASUS geforce4Ti

  JonnyTub 15:23 16 Sep 2004

This is where the graphics card market went haywire in my opinion (for consumers that is). I found that when i had a geforce fx5600 the drivers from the nvidia site slowed my games to a halt (not that i play a lot mind), my particular card was a sparkle geforce fx5600 and only using the sparkle driver cd that came with it would increase my frame rates to anything playable.

There are some beta drivers out there which i believe have ironed out a lot of 5600 problems and may be worth a try. I'll have a quick look for them.

  JonnyTub 15:26 16 Sep 2004
  eddie937 15:53 16 Sep 2004

thanks for your reply. i was just thinking, (doesn't happen often)is 512 mb of ram enough memory to run the gfx card or should i buy some more.

  eddie937 15:59 16 Sep 2004

i had a look at the link to the guru of 3d. which one do i need as there are over 100 drivers on the page ? lol

  JonnyTub 16:05 16 Sep 2004

512mb of ram is fine, as for the link i think it's the second one down, check that though. You may also want to make sure your card is setup corecttly in the bios. Make sure agp is enabled and running at 8xspeed. Also i found that a 256 aperture gave a good boost when increased to this in the bios if you have that option. iT'S NOT overclock and there is often debate about the size of this aperture, these are my findings and you may want to experiment

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