GFX card

  acceptmyname 14:31 21 Jul 2007

I am starting this thread on behalf of a friend.

Could you please tell me how good this GFX card is

click here

  acceptmyname 14:41 21 Jul 2007


  Armchair 14:42 21 Jul 2007

Yeah, I love a good GPU thread!

It's an old budget card. Avoid!

  crosstrainer 14:44 21 Jul 2007

This is a very old card by todays standards, if your friend only has an agp slot, suggest he or she goes for a card with at least 256mb of memory.

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this is a good price, and you may find them cheaper elsewhere.

  acceptmyname 14:45 21 Jul 2007

Thanks again armchair,

Can you recommend £60 budget

  crosstrainer 14:48 21 Jul 2007

Cards here out...should find something in your budget

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  Armchair 14:51 21 Jul 2007

Recommending AGP cards is easy. There aren't many left on sale now at reasonable prices. Basically, if you're shoert of cash, get a 7600 GT (make sure it has DDR3 memory, though). If you're a bit better off, get an X1950 Pro. Ebuyer has one for £97.

  Armchair 14:56 21 Jul 2007

Yep, here's the X1950 pro for £97 delivered (with the "Super Saver" option, anyway)..........

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  Totally-braindead 14:59 21 Jul 2007

The 7600GS is about £67 ish 7600GT about £80 with the faster DDR3 memory the other cards are well above the £60 budget you said. 9550s are still available if its a direct replacement you want - about £40.
Do check out what power the card needs in case you need to replace the power supply. Get your friend to see what power supply he has before you buy anything.

  Armchair 15:09 21 Jul 2007

The way I look at it is:-

You could spend £40 on some out of date piece of crap and regret it as you watch your frame rates drop to near zero, or you could spend a little more and get something worthwhile.

The 9550 is a relic, and terrible value for money even at £30 or whatever.

The 7600GS is sub-par, was never really a "gamer's card", and makes no sense when the 7600GT (with DDR3 VRAM, as stated. Some versions use slow memory! The one made by Point of View is an example of this.) is available.

Provided your CPU is decent, the X1950 cards could be worth the few £ extra, too. I don't know why people are so tight-fisted when it comes to GPUs, tbh, lol! After all (unless you're pirate scum, and there are a lot of these criminals about) you're going to be paying a lot more for your games than you are for one GPU..........

Phew, that was quite a post!

  acceptmyname 15:38 21 Jul 2007

thanks all will let him know your advice,

Could he also have PCI-E slot on his motherboard as well a AGP

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