Gforce4 MX 440 problems

  User-D7D80BEC-C013-4173-B3CFD7542F5CC586 14:39 05 Feb 2003

I have a PIV 2.0GHz with 512DDR (2x256)ram and a Gforce4 MX 440 AGP card, running win98SE. After installing the card the computer started to crash and my W/RW cdrom drive will not write at the to speed. Also the Epson 600 Colour printer spooler will crash and I am only able to print 1 document then have to reboot windows to print more!
I then formatted and re-installed everything. This still has not solve to problems as I still cannot print or burn correctly. I've updated the drives for the card and this has not made any difference.
any suggestions

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 15:12 05 Feb 2003

Running an old operating system with new componentry doesn't exactly help.

Are you positive you have downloaded the correct drivers for the graphics card?

Have you also updated the drivers for your mobo?

What is your display like, e.g what resolution settings will it allow you to select?

  Pilch.... 15:34 05 Feb 2003

perhaps also power supply problem?

can you take the card out and it all work's?

  Rtus 17:03 05 Feb 2003

could you advise what card you used before the Gforce4 MX 440 And how you went about its installation.1, put the card in and ran drivers to update unit, OR other method?

  odb 17:27 05 Feb 2003

the newest version of drivers aren't always the best to have its a case of trial and error

before the current gforuce i used thje s3 nvida that was intergrated with the m/board.

The drives that I have down loaded were the only ones there and that seem to be going well now.

Installing the card, installing direct x 8.1 then the drives was the recomended way of installing the card so that way I followed.

I've gust up dated the chipset m/Board drives and - i'll see where that takes me

  Simon_P 22:08 06 Feb 2003

I had several MSI, Creative, Leadtech. nether worked at all. just got 8 beeps on boot up and then nothingat all, I have MSI motherboard, but there was a problem with the GF4 MX cards and some mobos. something to do with card not geting enough power. setteled for a GF3 and its plenty good enough.

  PA28 22:35 06 Feb 2003

I eventually got my MX440 card to run smoothly by ensuring the BIOS was set to 4x AGP and by purging any old Nvidia drivers out of the system. the latter, in particular, seems to be important. I understand that there are some compatability issues between the Geoforce cards and DirectX(this seems incredible, given the vital presence of DirectX, but perhaps some of our more learned brethren can advise on this?).

  myball123 22:42 06 Feb 2003

Smarty Marty

Try this link

click here

Don't know if your card is a MSI card or not but this might help. I have an MSI card which I have no problems with.


  Rtus 09:54 07 Feb 2003

When installing these cards its important to > Return the O/S to use a standard video (std vga 604x480) setting then remove all previous graphics drivers and utilities. > shut down .remove the old card Install new card and proceed with installation of the new drivers and utilities.This usually is requires you answering cancel the installation of drivers after boot up .Then place graphics card Cd into drive and let it auto run.Some cards just wont initialize correctly unless this is followed and its not always made clear in the readme files on the Cd/or instruction booklet that comes with the card (if indeed you got one) ..Its also important when changing a graphics card to Have No anti-virus running and close any unnecessary Tsr's down.

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