GF4 Ti4600, overclocking....

  Mysticnas 19:09 22 Jul 2003


from past experience i know most people on this site aren't into overclocking. but does anyone know of any good website where i can get useful "reliable" info about overclocking tweaking my GF4 card? it's a leadtek one, with a giant alu wrap round heat sink and 2 fans as standard. It's meant to be overclockable and comes with a OC'ing software package.

but everytime i try to overclock it, and play games, it just locks up and i have to restart. I only do it in increments of 1. i notice that during the Hitman2 Silent assasin game, it get to the intro, then throws me back out of the game.

anyone offer any help. my particular model is the Leadtek A250 Ultra TD MyViVo GF4 Ti4600.

Thanks in advance for any help,

and apologies in advance to anyone to whom this post annoys.

  Chegs ® 20:34 22 Jul 2003

Due to the cards execellent performance,OC'ing is a waste of time.You are quite likely to damage the card by OC'ing(expensive experiences with a GF2 a couple of years ago)A prog to enable you to OC your card is the Geforce Tweak Utility from here click here would be a good way to start.I think the Leadtek range of cards came with a Tweak utility on the Driver CDR.The Geforce Tweak,uses the Coolbits app.This allows you to tweak the Clock/Memory settings with NVidia drivers,and is slightly more forgiving of mistakes(resets to default after 15 secs,allowing you to click the "Keep these settings" button(if you carn't see it,then after 15 secs it removes the tweaks)

  rickf 21:15 22 Jul 2003

You try here click here. The forum has many OC'kers who might be able to give you appropriate advice.

  Mysticnas 00:48 23 Jul 2003

i tired using leadteks own tweaker that came with the card, (the card is apparently designed so that it can be clocked) and even if i only clocked by 1mhz it still threw me out of games and high demand apps.

  Mysticnas 00:50 23 Jul 2003

the geforce tweak util ain't compat with the new drivers that i'm using. It says on the site that it's not in production anymore.

  Gaz 25 01:08 23 Jul 2003

Just be careful, it could cost you.

But good luck.

  instant^mash 01:16 23 Jul 2003

Try using Rivatuner or even just d/l coolbits (a registry patch that enables the 'hidden' o/c feature in nvidias drivers)then change speeds in the nvidia display panel.

click here

I overclock my 4200 sometimes because I can... I havn't damaged it and it certainly helped in my old system which was memory starved.

At the end of the day, I think its more important to determine which driver sets work best with your card and system.


  Mysticnas 21:24 23 Jul 2003

i installed the leadtek overclocking app again. and it works fine now, no freezing of games. I've oc the GPU by 20Mhz, and the on card ram 10Mhz. if i try anymore then the some of the polygons miss colour and come out red.

I've got a new motherboard since i tried last time, maybe that has helped.

Thanks for your help guys.

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