GF4 Ti 4600 Vs the GF FX5200/5600?

  Mysticnas 14:27 08 Dec 2003

hi all,

i have a leadtek GF4 Ti4600 128mb which i bought about a year or so ago for around £200ish. (system, Gigabyte motherboard,8x AGP, P4 2.8Ghz, 2Gb DDR, 180Gb HDD, DVDRW, DVD, Audigy2 platinum 6.1)

I've since seen on ebuyer the following cards:

Leadtek Winfast Geforce FX5200 8x AGP 128MB DDR TV-Out DV with True 128Bit Super Fast Memory,Hardware Monitor & Dongle £88


GAINWARD FX PowerPack! Pro/680 TV/DVI, nVidia GeForce FX5200, 256MB DDR, 8x AGP Retail Box £75

Will these cards be able to compare to mine? or shall i just save my money and wait buy something bigger. I did have my sights on a FX5950 but with its huge price tag i can't afford it just yet.

Anyone know if these cards would kick my card right back into last year?

  Trackrat 14:33 08 Dec 2003

These cards apart from being direct x9 compatable will not touch a Ti4600 so save your money.

  soy 15:05 08 Dec 2003

I have the Leadtek Ti4600 Ultra as well. My cousin bought an FX5200 some months ago and all I can say is its totally rubbish! Framerates were appalling even on low resolution. He has upgraded to a Ti4800SE yesterday and it has drastically improved gaming.

The FX5200 is a budget value version of its older brothers so don't expect great graphics.

My Ti4600 can handle all the games I've thrown at it.

Save your money:-)

I was thinking about a 9600 pro but decided i will get a 9800 SE cos it is better performance...

I know people that are looking at the 5200 and i say dont bother, if you want performance like that get a GF4 MX440!

  Mysticnas 15:58 08 Dec 2003

good advice people... thanks for that.

Just reinforced my opinion. I'm backing on something new to come out of the nVidia camp sometime soon in the new year. I've heard rumours, well from the chief scientist. (shh...)

could just be load of rubbish (me thinx so). But I reckon ATi's certainly brewing up summat to counter the FX5950, the 9800XT maybe it, but i reckon they're both conjuring up something else to be released 1st quater 2004.

you're probably going to ask why i posted this thread if i'm coming out with all this...

the truth is i don't know....

  Chegs ® 18:32 08 Dec 2003

I have a TNT Riva,GF2,Ti4600 and when the 8X AGP cards appeared I bought one,a Ti4800.It is identical to the Ti4600 apart from 8X AGP.Ran 3D Mark on each card,and the Ti4800 knocks spots off the Ti4600.I have just bought NFS Underground,on 1280x1024 with high detail it simply flies,the Ti4600 gets nowhere near it.I would wait until Nvidia release their next GPU,as the TNT,GF2 both have an identical GPU,although one cost £130 and the other cost £25 their results are about the same in 3D Mark.The Ti4600 v Ti4800 both give approx same score on 3D Mark using DX8.1,but upgrade to DX9 and the Ti4600 loses ground instantly,Ti4800 is fully 4000+ points higher.In actual games,the Ti's are indicernable from each other,until the res is wound right up.Both Ti's run an NV17(I think)GPU.So,unless your using the latest and greatest games,stay with your present card until the next generation GPU's appear.Or,buy a lower spec NV17 card with AGP x8,as these are well able to cope with present games,I got mine for £80(Ti4600 cost me £200)so a search would possibly get you an 8 x AGP for under a ton.

PS. Dont buy an "unbranded" 8x card,as these often perform worse than older cards with 4 X

  soy 19:39 08 Dec 2003

PS, don't buy an 8X card soley for the 8X purpose if your motherboard only supports 4X.

  ahales42 20:58 08 Dec 2003

i have both pci and agp 5200 cards. had nothing but problems with them both. had to underclock them to get them to work properly.

  Gaz 25 21:34 08 Dec 2003

I would suggest the Ti cards, but the FX if yuo pay decent money and get a good brand perform well.

ATis tend to be better still.

  Mysticnas 21:42 08 Dec 2003

i have a newish motherboard, 8x agp.

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