Getting used to a larger screen

  Dumble452 00:14 08 Apr 2005

Have just moved up from a 15" CRT to a 17" TFT and am finding it hard to adjust to the larger size. A 17" didn't seem too big in the showroom but at home the difference in viewable area is amazing. Even with the screen further away than the recommended 16 - 24" I find areas of the screen seem out of focus until I shift my gaze. I use varifocal glasses which may not help. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, have you found that it begins to appear normal after a few days use?
I've got the screen set at its natural resolution of 1280x1024.

  Peter 00:34 08 Apr 2005


I have a 19" Samsung 910N TFT screen which I tend to view from about 24". I too have varifocals, but don't find any problems viewing the screen edges and don't have to shift my gaze noticably. Perhaps you will get used to it after a while. How long have you had the varifocals?


  jbp1982 00:42 08 Apr 2005

I have my 17i TFT set at 1024 by 768, the native for this is 1280 by 1024. I have no problems the image is as sharp as ever.

You'll get used to it, I find now I don't like sitting in front of CRTs, the neighbour has a 17 inch CRT and my eyes are always drawn away because of the curved image.


  Jak_1 00:44 08 Apr 2005

Just a case of getting used to it I think, obce you find the distance that is comfortable to your eyes then all will be fine.

The larger screen is much better for viewing video.

  DieSse 01:22 08 Apr 2005

No-one can keep a whole screen in focus without moving ones gaze. Eyes have a very small area over which things are in focus, probably less than an inch at normal screen viewing distances. That's why your gaze moves even when reading a line of text!

Perhaps it's down to your glasses somewhat.

  Meshuga 07:17 08 Apr 2005

I have just got a 17 inch tft and have had no problem with adjusting to the larger size, on the contrary I find there is far less eyestrain and the difference between the 15 inch and the 17 is remarkable. Well satisfied.

  User-312386 07:25 08 Apr 2005

you need clear type font

Right click empty part of the desktop, select properties>appearance>effects tab

Now where it says "Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts" select clear type instead of standard and then click OK and then apply

Hope this helps

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:30 08 Apr 2005

Eyes have a very small area over which things are in focus, probably less than an inch at normal screen viewing distances.

In fact it is worse than that. The area in sharp focus at any one time is very small indeed. When reading text like this only 2 letters will be in sharp focus as you read along the lines.

P.S. I too have a 17" TFT and varifocals and have no problems.

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:32 08 Apr 2005

forgot to use quotes.

  Dumble452 08:23 08 Apr 2005

The clear type has certainly helped. Thank you. I guess it will just be a matter of adjusting. I've had varifocals for a number of years; the current ones for just over 12 months and didn't have a problem with the much smaller CRT screen or at least it wasn't obvious that areas were out of focus. I will "endeavour to persevere".

  Diemmess 09:00 08 Apr 2005

Went over to Varifocals about a year ago, but recently treatd myself to new lenses for old frames specifically for computer use.

For me these are prescribed for 20" focus and I'm happy...... It is really a matter of personal choice.

(I have had a 17" TFT monitor for about 3 years)

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