Getting Terrestrial AND Sky channels withTV-Link?

  Tim1964 00:49 12 Aug 2007

Just fitted a Sky TV-link 'thingy' to the TV in the bedroom at the In-laws (works a treat) and would like to try one on our home set up.

My question is, even by running 2 coax cables (1 from the ariel and 1 from the Sky+ box) how are these connected to the single coaxial socket on the TV? Is it the obvious Y splitter idea with 2 ins and 1 out?

At the moment the In-laws only have the Sky channels (not a problem) on the bedroom TV as I've used the coax that used to run from the ariel in the loft to the downstairs TV by changing the coax fittings to use the RF2 out on the box to connect to the TV-Link upstairs.

I have at home, a coax connection from the loft that is teed with one end going to the main TV (for freeview/terrestrial channels) and the other end going into the kitchen for terrestrial channels only. Will I have to run another coax cable to the kitchen TV?

It must be something simple but I'm not getting it......


  Technotiger 06:56 12 Aug 2007

Hmm, can't tell from your description what you have, 'thingy'? Best bet for the kitchen set is to get what is known as a set-top box, this gives you all the freeview channels and a lot more as well. Easily obtainable from around £20, or for a fiver or less at a boot-sale. Everyone will need one of these anyway in the not too distant future, when analogue TV ceases.

  anniesboy 07:38 12 Aug 2007

If you still have it look at Sky+ user guide setup is shown in there.Page 74 in mine.
If you don't have user guide
Sky aerial goes to sky box ,so does aerial from terrestrial
Run a extra coax to second tv and connect with link.
Main tv connected with scart or s video lead

  Graham. 08:33 12 Aug 2007

1 co-ax out from Sky box can carry Sky, plus normal terrestrial/digital signal. As above, feed the latter into the Sky box.

I don't have Sky+, but there should be 2 outputs, 1 for the TV, 1 to 'network' elsewhere, this will have the TV-Link voltage. You may have to turn this on in Services.

  Graham. 08:37 12 Aug 2007

... 2 outputs, 1 for the Recorder (Video/DVD)...

  Tim1964 10:34 12 Aug 2007


It looks like the best way would be to run another coax from the wall plate (from the loft) to the kitchen TV. that's a short run out of site.

  Stuartli 10:44 12 Aug 2007

If you have a Digital TV (i.e. with a built-in Freeview tuner as well as analogue) you won't need a set top box.


May I suggest that a better way to obtain Freeview (which includes the five current terrestial TV channels in any case) on a kitchen set would be to use a Scart Freeview receiver? It would save having to have an STB taking up space.

One example here:

click here

Such devices can, of course, also be used on other analogue CRT TVs you may have to ensure they can continue to be used when the analogue transmissions are switched off.

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