getting symbols for chemistry

  random-fish 00:05 09 Oct 2008


my brother as asked me how to type mathamatical equations in word, ie a number squared etc....

je's also asked me how to type chemical symbols ie with one big one small letters and some small numbers (i think???).

please could anyone come up with any suggestions, thanks

  tullie 00:33 09 Oct 2008

Is the charector map in accessories/system tools any good?

  UncleP 00:37 09 Oct 2008

I can't answer for Word, but if it's just a question of entering symbols into a text passage (as opposed to producing a complete equation on a separate line) most word processors employ superscripts for powers, and subscripts for array indices, number of atoms of the element in the compound etc. Usually isotope numbers are given in normal size characters after the element symbol eg U235, Sr90.

For some mathematical variables and constants, he'll need to switch to a scientific or Greek font.

  hastelloy 07:22 09 Oct 2008

do work in Word. Don't know about 2007 but in 2003 it's Format>Font then halfway down under Effects is a number of choices including subscripts and superscripts.

  €dstowe 07:23 09 Oct 2008

Superscript and subscript letters/numbers are produced by highlighting the letter and Ctrl and the = key or Ctrl and Shift and the = key respectively.

If you want some good chemistry drawing software have a look at click here - most of it for free. Bargain of the year.

  VoG II 08:50 09 Oct 2008

Insert > Object > Microsoft Equation.

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