getting stuff back

  jack 14:22 02 Sep 2006

Weds 30 fired her up - did my mail took a look at here and there as well ,did a C Clean shut her down and out for the day. Come Evening - fired her up and immediately went into a POST/Select Windows loop. nothing remedial worked. No Safe mode, No revert, No repair [ R/Auto repair disk ]would do any thing. Nothing for it but to reinstall a fresh.
This gives rise to several puzzlements.
I now have two windows folders the old one and the new one - I guess when all is done I shall delete the old one- but not yet.
Why- did it happen - Reg corruption of some sort at a guess - but I guess I will never know?
After the install M/S want me to register -' again' but this O/S on this machine is, already - so whats to do there?
If I attempt it- will I be a pirate?
Last inghts updates came in and I left the machine on to complete- but where did the up dates go- to the new Windows or the Old?
I assumed that the programs installed would not run on the new system and would have to be re installed - but no - some dont but some do- Trojan Hunter for example came on through as the registered version, whilst others want re installing and re implanting the release code..
I have a Firewire external HDD dedicated to 'back up'- That is on the first installation Windows selected that drive for backup- but its contents are.... first version or new version?
At the end of it all I guess like a forest fire- disaster at the time- but looking at the stuff in programs installed and not used for a long time and else where- regenrration can be a good thing.
Fortunately the active documents[not already backed before the event] remain intact in my doc's/my pictures folder.
One last point I have been scratching around the'Old' file to try to located where Thuderbird and Firefox hide the mails ,my favourites ec.
any ideas where to look any one?

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