Getting spam E-mails

  birdface 07:58 07 May 2009

Hi.I have started getting spam e-mails not a lot at the moment about 8 so far since yesterday.I use e-prompter and remove them from there.Just wondering why I have started to receive them as I have not downloaded any programs lately.

Must have been a few years since I last received e-mails of this nature.You know the ones for Viagra etc.
Anyone else starting to get the same problem.
The only one I contacted yesterday was Virgin Media to open my on line account and had to use my e-mail address and password.

  john bunyan 09:03 07 May 2009

Yes - got first one since December on Tuesday. Have temporarily reverted to checking e mails on my ISP before switching on my Outlook Express.

  birdface 09:08 07 May 2009

Not with Virgin are you .If not I can rule that out.

  john bunyan 09:39 07 May 2009

No, still :( with pipex - been with them for many years and too lethargic to change!! Their anti spam radically improved in Dec 2008, so I stayed with them. I hope Tuesdays one was an exception.

  birdface 09:47 07 May 2009

Had another couple this morning so just wondering where they get your e-mail address from.I get e-mails from the likes of Zone Alarm and other security programs that I have used a long time ago and removed.They are a bit of a nuisance as well.Checked my Messenger e-mail yesterday and quite a few in there that has already been put in the spam folder.I never use that e-mail address so they must get their information from somewhere.

  john bunyan 09:54 07 May 2009

I suspect that some places where you buy stuff - even downloads - may (even by having spyware the PC owner does'nt know is there) harvest e mail addresses. Then others sell lists to spammers.I hate it and think that if the ISP's got together more on this they could trace and block it more than they do.

  birdface 12:30 07 May 2009

I noticed Hotmail had blocked about 10 of them and I don't use that for sending mail.At least it is blocking them.As there is very little response I will surmise that the problem is with my computer so will class this as resolved and hope that they disappear but I don't fancy my chances as I just received another one.

  Rebuilt 12:45 07 May 2009

I received an obvious SPAM email this week from my son. It was so obvious that even Hotmail marked it. When I checked the headers it was sent to a number of people in his address book (from his YAHOO account). When I spoke to him, he was already aware of this and could see the mail in his sent list so it had actually been sent from his account - but not by him. Today a similar thing happened to my son-in-law with his Hotmail account.
They are both fairly savvy so it would not have been something too obvious to catch them. I can only assume that their email account passwords were compromised. I don't want to point the finger without evidence but they are both fairly active facebook users.

  birdface 12:57 07 May 2009

[email account passwords were compromised]Yes time to change their e-mail address and password or check with their security programs.

  Rebuilt 13:08 07 May 2009

Sure - first thing they did. But it may indicate a rise in new sneaky methods of grabbing spam bases

  birdface 14:03 07 May 2009

Its got me puzzled.Still getting the odd one appearing.Just wondering if I should contact Virginmedia to see if it is a problem with them.But as no one else is complaining it must be something that I have picked up.
My security is pretty solid. So not sure how it got in.

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