Getting songs of ipod

  imzy 19:46 20 Mar 2008

Hi there.

I had a computer running windows xp but now I have Vista. When i tried to intall the sofware for my ipod using the CD that was supplied it wouldn't work with vista so I thought I would just download itunes of the net.
I did that but when I attached the ipod to my computer it says that it need to synce and will erase all the songs already on my ipod.
Then i thought I would just go into 'my computer' and take the tracks off my ipod and put them on my hard drive but when i click on the ipod tab it doesn't give me an option to view or move the tracks on there.

Is there any way to get the songs of the ipod onto my hard drive or is there some way to synce it with itunes and still keep the tracks on there.

Any help greatly appreciated

Thank you

  TopCat® 21:30 20 Mar 2008

Have a look here to see if this is relevant to you. TC. click here

  dopeman1992 16:35 21 Mar 2008

you can use copytrans - it's an ipod backup program wit a few other nifty programs that come with it, however, the one you download from the net is the trial version, it only lets you transfer 100 songs at a time (all you need to do is keep closing and opening the program and ewach time you do it lets you copy another 100 songs but if you wanted the whole version you could do it through isohunt or piratebay . . . but that's illegal :)

  ^wave^ 16:47 21 Mar 2008

go here click here
lots of tutorials to walk you through all things ipod

  john bunyan 16:48 21 Mar 2008

If you still have the old PC you could copy the iPod (Music) file to a DVD or usb HDD then import it into the new PC - iTunes may ask you to register the new computer - you are "allowed" 5. If it is the same PC I assume you backed up the music somewhere? You should be able to get it from the iPod but I am not sure if all the "tabs" come back. dopeman1992 and others have pointed out special programmes to deal with this.

  ian-inhome 17:44 21 Mar 2008

Try this worked for me without any problems.
click here

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