carver 09:21 08 Oct 2009

Simple question I think?, is it sufficient just to reinstall windows to be sure of getting rid of a virus, or is it better to do any thing more.

I've know idea what so that is the reason for asking.

  Taff™ 09:54 08 Oct 2009

A complete re-install will format the drive and get rid of any virus. However, you need to scan any external drives and USB Memory sticks to ensure they are clear of viruses too otherwise you might get re-infected from a virus on one of those.

  birdface 10:42 08 Oct 2009

[is it sufficient just to reinstall windows to be sure of getting rid of a virus.]
That is why you have Security programs to remove unwanted Trojans and virus's.
If you have to reformat every time you get a Virus it would not be productive.
A lot of people install a Security Suite thinking that this is all that they need.
But they also need AntiSpyware-Malware programs as well.
Malwarebytes[free] along with any of those two should help A Squared or Superantispyware.
And a good Firewall.I use kerio Firewall but there are plenty to choose from.

  carver 13:20 08 Oct 2009

He did have Norton 2009 on his PC, that is until he was playing on an on line game and some one told him that Norton would slow his game down.

This person then told him to download AVG and use that instead, only problem AVG doesn't update itself so for the past couple of weeks he's had an out of date anti virus on his PC.

This only came to light on Tuesday when he told me he couldn't get on any web sites apart from these very nasty sites, it wouldn't even allow me to run Norton and update that, just kept getting redirected every time to those particular websites.

  p;3 13:35 08 Oct 2009

question; is he able to access System Restore or is that, too ,clobbered?

If he can, he can try to roll back to a good date and start again.. of interest, what protection is currently on there , antivirus and antispyware-wise?

  birdface 14:21 08 Oct 2009

Did he use the Norton removal tool to remove it or did he remove it using Add remove.

  birdface 14:25 08 Oct 2009

Looks like he may also have picked up a Nastie.Maybe run the free version of this if he can but maybe to late.

click here

  carver 14:28 08 Oct 2009

Not sure how he removed it, or even if he did, all I know is that you couldn't get into any thing. Tried running Norton and the PC just refused to do any thing, I have reformatted the thing but wanted to check that the little darling wasn't lurking some where ready to pounce.


You name it and it wouldn't work, all I know is that I had to disconnect the PC from the net because it was using all the band with up.

  wee eddie 14:28 08 Oct 2009

AVG does update itself 'automatically'.

  birdface 14:38 08 Oct 2009

If you have reformatted it without saving anything it should be Ok.If you have saved anything and download it back on to the computer you may get problems that way.

But I am sure it will be Ok now.

  p;3 14:42 08 Oct 2009

I guess next question you have the XP disc and licence key there...
I guess the repair Windows XP option is not available neither?
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