Getting rid of unwanted icon.

  Meshuga 17:07 24 May 2003

I have removed a defective scanner and uninstalled
the software via control panel and add and remove
but the scanner icon in the system tray next to
the clock refuses to go. I have not yet installed
another scanner. Any ideas please. Meshuga.

  Gaz 25 17:10 24 May 2003

Go to start, run and then in the box provided type msconfig then press enter.

A box will appear, click start up tab, and disable all the things to do with your scanner.

Then restart, this should bring up a box on load, click do not show this message again and Ok.

All should be fine, and Icon should be gone.

Be Careful you do not disable Microsoft start up components.

  MartinT-B 17:12 24 May 2003

start -> run -> Type msconfig into box, click OK.

Click Start up tab.

Uncheck the box that says to start the scanner at startup.

I'm surprised that you aren't getting an error msg as you've un-installed it!

  Djohn 17:12 24 May 2003

You may need to re-install software, then remove via it's own un-install program, if it has one!

First though, try right click on the Icon, see if the option to remove or exit is given, do so and re-boot.

If neither of above work, use windows explorer and search for all mention of the program, on finding any folders or files, delete from there. J.

  Meshuga 17:23 24 May 2003

Thanks to all who have responded with much the same suggestion. I had already tried that but
could not find anything related to the scanner.
The only thing in the startup box relating to scan is one item marked "scan detector" but
I`m not sure if that is it. Would it be ok to untick that. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 17:31 24 May 2003

Hi Djohn. Have already tried the scanners own
uninstall disk with no luck and have right clicked on the icon itself and there is only a "close" tab but when you reboot the icon
comes back. Regards, Meshuga.

  Djohn 17:31 24 May 2003

Yes, that is what is in your sys. tray. J.

  Gaz 25 17:32 24 May 2003

What is the file name that goes with it:

Starts > C:
If it has a name relating to the scanner in there untick, but you can always try it.

  MartinT-B 17:38 24 May 2003

You can uncheck anything you want!

Y not uncheck it, reboot and see if that's the one.

If not, re-check it, uncheck something else rebbot.

Keep going until you find it.

If you uncheck all at once, you might not remember what was on and what was off.

I have 18 programs on my Startup page 13 are unchecked because I don't want them to load at startup, only when I need them.

Unchecked include:

Nero, ATI, cftmon, CloneCD, leechget, Intervideo Wincinema, icq, incmail, gnetmouse, Incd, etc. etc.

All these programs decided that they wanted to start without asking me what I thought about it.

The only ones checked are:

sstray = System Tray
ccApp = Norton AV
ccRegVfy == Norton AV
Norton System Doctor

  Djohn 17:39 24 May 2003

for "Twain" files, remove any that are associated with your scanner, then do the same for "Twunk" files. J.

  Meshuga 18:04 24 May 2003

Hi djohn,have unticked Scan Detector inthe sys tray and clicked apply and ok and thats got rid of the icon but I now get a message telling me thatI am using selective startup for trouble shootind and even though I click " dont show me this again" it still does.

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