Getting rid of PC, how to scrub disk please?

  LizaMay 21:58 02 Mar 2004

I am passing my old PC on to a friend and I want to make sure he gets no information that was on the hard disk when I was using it.Can this be done and if so how? If not, what else can I do to ensure all my old details remain secure?


  AndySD 22:22 02 Mar 2004

Do you want to clean the drive then reinstall windows?

  AndySD 22:28 02 Mar 2004

If so click here is somewhere to start.

  Belatucadrus 22:47 02 Mar 2004
  Gandalph 23:13 02 Mar 2004

Give your friend the Computer minus the hard drive. Take the hard drive out and either put it into your new computer as a second HDD or put it on the drive and hit it with a sledge hammer until it breaks into a million pieces. There is no sure way of cleaning all the information from a HDD.

  Pesala 23:20 02 Mar 2004

Eraser (2.68 Mbytes) click here Cleans unused hard disk space and overwrites deleted files to prevent recovery.

  Mike2002 23:27 02 Mar 2004

Gandalph: That's a bit extreme is it!
I Agree with what you suggest - but - these file erasers overwrite the data to a point where there's no readable info left behind. I will say, though, not all of them remove the actual file names themselves. Nevertheless, Data Recovery is an expensive business, and who is going to spend hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds, not to mention the man-hours, in trying to get any information from the average joe's PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:46 02 Mar 2004

This is going beyond a joke into desperation and hero-worshipping MacCarthy.

All you need to do is a reformat and reinstall windows. Either people here do too much work for GCHQ, are treble paranoid or have an inflated sense of their HD's importance. Virtually every answer is OTT.....format C:/reinstall. /me raises eyes.


  Gandalph 00:14 03 Mar 2004

And that will still not do the trick. If you read through some of the postings in Consumer Forum, especially the posting about the PC from a certain High Street supplier, you would play on the cautious side I think. Also bare in mind that PCs confiscated by the Police from certain characters are resold to outlets minus their HDDs. The Police don't remove these for nothing.

  Megatyte 01:07 03 Mar 2004

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)>

Unless you're really paranoid, just format and re-install the OS. Do you really have anything on there that bthe authorities would be interested in? I think not.


  hugh-265156 01:32 03 Mar 2004

i agree too.if giving to a friend.or not.

a format/reinstall should be sufficiant.

(no matter what software you use to delete the info on the drive(even military approved versions etc) or physicaly do to the drive(even drowned/burn it put holes in it etc),if sombody really wants to recover the information from it they still can inforcement peeps.

there was an article in another computer mag this month i read(sorry pca i like to get all opinions)that said ontrack were able tyo do this even after the above.

smash it into little bits with a hammer if you have something to hide otherwise format and reinstall.

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