getting pictures off old hard drive

  drobinson 08:24 16 Jul 2010

Please help
I have a old hard drive that has pictures which i though where saved on a disc. but NO
the question is how can i get the pictures off the hard drive,which is now not fitted to a computer


  Technotiger 08:28 16 Jul 2010

This little gem will recover your pics, it is a direct download (free) ....

click here

The recovered pics can be found in the programs own folder - Or, you can create a new folder on the desktop, and direct the program to that folder.

  Technotiger 08:30 16 Jul 2010

PS - forgot to say, you could then save them to DVD/CD or a Flash-drive.

  Graham. 08:30 16 Jul 2010

You will have to connect the drive to a computer.

  awest3 08:33 16 Jul 2010

get an hard drive caddy...about £20...probably need one which takes 3.5 rather than laptop 2.5 disks. then use just like an external hard disk..

  woodchip 08:35 16 Jul 2010

You may be able to connect the drive internal to your PC if its got the correct cables. No need to fix the drive just lay it in the bottom on a bit of card so it does not short out on metal

  Technotiger 08:36 16 Jul 2010

Hmmm, chuckle chuckle .... from original Post "off the hard drive, which is now not fitted to a computer"

  Technotiger 08:38 16 Jul 2010

He he he, Silly Me ::: just seen the word NOT - humble apologies to Graham and awest3.

Think I should go back to bed!!

  Graham. 08:40 16 Jul 2010

We've all been there.

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