Getting in NTL, what protection against diallers?

  jbp1982 11:20 28 Mar 2005

By adding up:

sky £20 + bt £16 + NTLBB £20 = £56 per month

If I take the lot of NTL its £39.50 per month, that's a saving of £198 per year.

From reading other people's threads I gathered that dialler type programs could not affect me because all I had from NTL was BB thru a set top box, but can they now? And from a consumer point of view, is this a good deal?

Please give your thoughts, I know people have had trouble with NTL, I don't want one of these NTHell type threads.

  pj123 11:36 28 Mar 2005

As long as you don't have an analogue modem still installed and connected to the phone line you will be safe from diallers.

I have NTL via a set top box but I do still have an active analogue modem (for outgoing faxes) but it is not plugged in to the phone socket unless I need to send a fax. All incoming faxes go in to my email box using FaxtoMail from Trinite click here (£23 a year) which means I don't have to have my computer on to receive faxes.

  Wak 11:45 28 Mar 2005

I'm with NTL for the TV, phone and B/B through the set-top box and am very pleased with the service I get.
I still have a modem but it is not connected until I wish to send a fax (like pj123).
If you are worried about Diallers install Spywareblaster from click here which should block them.

  jbp1982 11:52 28 Mar 2005

I have lavasoft free edition and spybot already on my PC do I need that one too? It's just I don't want to be paying a huge fone bill, thankfully my kids are 2 yrs and 1 yrs old (not looking forward to when they can use a phone!!) lol.

I am new to computers, 3 months to be precise, much appreciate your thoughts.

  Wak 12:15 28 Mar 2005

If you download and install Spywareblaster you can actually read the names of all the things it blocks and stops from even entering your computer.
If you don't like it or think it is un-necessary then it can easily be removed but personally I don't think you can have too much protection of the right kind.
I would also suggest a firewall if you haven't already got one. Try the FREE Sygate Personal Firewall.

  jbp1982 12:45 28 Mar 2005

Thanks Wak

Just installed spyware blaster, looks ok. Can't do any harm. I have NIS 2005, that has a firewall.

Thanks to you all :)

  joethebow 13:29 28 Mar 2005

Jbp, most of this will not affect you but it could help others.

Dialers only affect Dial Up Modems, so far, not Broadband. If you have a dial up modem you can use Dialer Control to block dialers. This used to be free but now it comes as a 30 day free trial after which you have to buy it.

A good firewall will also help but not as much as Dialer Control.

If your phone calls come through BT they will block UK based premium rate numbers free. They will block international premium rate calls for £1.50/month. With all premium rate numbers blocked there is no way a dialer can work.

  Rayuk 14:49 28 Mar 2005

Have read recently that BT will have software that will stop your modem dialling up any numbers that you dont have listed on your pc not sure when it will be out.

Just found this

click here

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