getting new pc & have a couple of questions

  march 16:22 07 Feb 2009

Getting new pc next week, which will run Vista Premium, it will have software installed that I will not be using and so will remove,
after which I would like to check what is installed on my drives so if someone would be kind enough to answer a couple of questions please

On my present pc running wins 98 I can through start, find, files & folders see everything I have installed on C drive & know exactly what programs etc should be there, will I be able to do this in Vista?

& I know with disk cleanup you can delete unwanted files but I prefer to do this manually via start, find, files & folders
the files I delete at present are *.tmp & ~ files
will I be able to manually delete files in Vista by the same method & which files will I safely be able to delete please.

also I am thinking of downloading antivirus & spyware etc to flashdrive, installing to pc, then setting up internet connection & then updating is this the best way please?

Thank you & kind regards to all


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:40 07 Feb 2009

1 vista - computer - works like explorer or use search the same as find files and folders.

2. yes you can delete temp files the same way however CCleaner click here
is a much easier way of deleting this sort of rubbish from the drives.

  march 16:46 07 Feb 2009

ok Fruit Bat /\0/\
thanks for your suggestion, tried crap cleaner before but wasn't sure whether it was safe to delete everything it found, felt same with disk cleanup thats why I always feel safer deleting manually.


  brundle 16:50 07 Feb 2009

Vista's search function is not the same as '98s - it won't index temporary files and folders unless you add those locations yourself - slowing down the search when you want to find something you actually want to use. CCleaner is the way to go...

  brundle 16:52 07 Feb 2009

Additionally, by default CCleaner won't delete any temporary file less than 48 hours old, and you can choose what it should clean in the first place. I usually only check Windows Temporary Files, Recycle bin, IE & Firefox cache.

  march 17:00 07 Feb 2009

brundle, will take another look at ccleaner will download it to my present pc & have a go with it me thinks.

  User-1229748 17:21 07 Feb 2009

hope you enjoy your new pc and vista,i'm sure you will,i went from windows 98 to vista :o)

  march 17:40 07 Feb 2009

ah thanks smackheadz truth be told I'm nervous bout it moving from wins98 to vista, always found 98 easy to get along with (as far as I'm able to understand computers anyway)!

at least I know this forum always comes up trumps for help & suggestions & always treats questions with respect in spite of me sounding like an fool at times.

will leave this running as got to go to work, thanks for your kind thoughts smackheadz; some lovely people on this forum.

march x

  birdface 19:26 07 Feb 2009

Hi.never used this program but I think it is mainly for removing unwanted programs from new computers.

click here

Maybe someone can tell you if it is any good or not.

  laurie53 19:35 07 Feb 2009

It might make the transition easier if you use the facility to select the classic or traditional Windows appearance on your new OS.

I am running one copy of Vista and two of XP and run all of them with the Windows Classic settings, which means not only are they very like each other in appearance, but they look like Win 98, and are therefore much more intuitive, to me, to work with and so much easier to work with three computers and two OSs.

I know many people will will be aghast at still using the 98 style interface on Vista, but it works for me - it might work for you.

  palinka 20:50 07 Feb 2009

you're not the only one, laurie53 - I prefer Classic settings and it would probabaly help march; at least initially.
Don't let horror stories worry you, march. When my Win Me machine died I waited 6 months, using my laptop (XP) before taking the plunge with Vista and I've had no problems.

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