getting my laptop to go wireless

  Ahhhhhhhh! 11:09 04 Nov 2007

Hi, I am a computer dummy and am having huge problems. I have read some of the other queries on the forum, but do not understand the answers. I have bought an Acer Aspire laptop and a Belkin G wireless modem router. I have a BT phone line, but have the broadband service from Virgin. On my old computer I used a speedtouch (wired) modem which connects with a usb cable. On the new laptop I really weant to go wireless. I have installed the Belkin modem / router following the cd rom and the installation wizard - which involves my typing a number into the browser and being presented with a baffling list of questions (like PPoE or PPaE (or something)). However, I must have done something right as the laptop will enable me to connect - it says that I am connected to my network. The problem is that although it may think I am connected I cannot see the internet. I know prople have asked this question before, but I really am very confused and do not really understand computers - all I want to do is be able to use the internet around the house! I would be really grateful if someone would take the time to explain what I need to do in simple language that a simple chap like me can follow. Thanks in advanced. Best.

  helen_312 11:16 04 Nov 2007

Lets see if the router is connected to the internet first.

Has the belkin modem router got all of it's lights at a steady green or are there one or two flashing.

If all are steady you should have the router connecting to the internet.

Or you can check in the router settings. Type as you have done to get into the router page. In the top right of the screen you will see either a red not connected or a green connected bar.

What is yours?

  Ahhhhhhhh! 11:27 04 Nov 2007

Thanks for replying. Appreciate your help.

When the router is plugged in (which it is not at the moment as I am useing the line with my old computer an the wired modem) the green lights are on exccept for the last one, which the instructions say is the light to show you are on the internet. The light with a picture of a phone is green. When I type those numbers into the browser it says not connected.

  helen_312 11:43 04 Nov 2007

Then the router is not connected to the internet.

You need to go back to the routers setup page and re-enter the details from your isp.

1)on the first page pick submit, as you won't have a password yet.

2) on the next page pick setup wizard.

3)then next

4)on the next page pick UK and see if your ISP ( virgin ) is listed. If not pick other.

5)on the next page pick PPPoA. Then put in your user name and password.

6)on the next page the SSID and channel number will come up. Leave them at the settings shown. e.g. belkin and channel 11

7) confirm your settings and finish.

8) let the modem router dial out and see your internet connection turn to green.

When you have that post back if you want instructions to connect the laptop to the router.

You will also need to setup a bit of security to make your modem router safe.

  Ahhhhhhhh! 11:48 04 Nov 2007

Thanks will give that a go and let you know - will you be around later?

  helen_312 11:52 04 Nov 2007

We are going out for Sunday lunch but should be able to log-on after tea.

Any problems just post back here. There will be a great many who will be willing and able to help you.

  Ahhhhhhhh! 20:15 04 Nov 2007

Hi - hope you had a good lunch!

Followed your instructions precisely, but still nothing happened - the internet light did not go green. Could this be due to the fact that the new laptop uses Vista? Or is the modem/router I bought not supported by Virgin? Think I may take the whole lot back and stick with my old (slow) computer! Any ideas? Thanks again.

  Crash 20:39 04 Nov 2007

Make sure all the leads are plugged into the correct ports on the router. Check your router status page in the router setup and post what it says.

  Ahhhhhhhh! 21:07 04 Nov 2007

All leads plugged in. In the status page there are 4 tables with the following headings - Version Info, LAN Settings, Internet Settings and Features. In the Internet Settings section, there is a line which says 'ADSL status - connected'. Is this what you mean or did you mean something else?

  helen_312 21:15 04 Nov 2007

'ADSL status - connected'

Then the modem router should now be configured and connected to the internet.

What are the settings given for data rate up and down. Also look to the top right. Is the internet status green or red.

Lunch was great thanks.

  Ahhhhhhhh! 21:22 04 Nov 2007

The internet status says 'no connection' and is in red. The data rate up and down is 2272kb/288kb.

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