Getting my D-Link expander to use encrypted signal

  pfgpowell 12:18 28 Apr 2009

Getting my DWL-G710 expander to encrypt

HI, I have straightforward set-up which works well - a Netgear wireless router/modem and, for upstairs a D-Link DWL-G710 expander/repeater to boost the signal. I have used this set-up for two years without hassle and the initial installation of the D-Link was a doddle.

A week of two ago, I realised neighbours might be using my wireless broadband because my usage has shot up. So I decided to encrypt the signal which was fine as far as doing the necessary on the router and our three laptops, but for the life of me I can't get the D-Link expander set-up to accept the encrypted signal, try as I might.

Can anyone set me straight? I tried all the obvious things on the relevant wizard page (called up on but zilch results. Please help as I do want to encrypt the signal.

  brundle 15:08 28 Apr 2009

What encryption method are you using? WEP, WPA, WPA2?

  pfgpowell 15:20 28 Apr 2009

WEP. As say, setting up the Netgear is a cinch and I am issued with an encryption key which I input in the laptops. But inputting it in the DWL-G710 doesn't seem to do very much at all and I can't connect to the router.

  brundle 15:42 28 Apr 2009

No MAC filtering enabled on the Netgear I take it? Is the D-Link assigned its own IP address when it's connected without encryption? Does its MAC address appear in the list of connected devices on the Netgear?

  pfgpowell 16:09 28 Apr 2009

Ummm... I shan't pretend to loads of technical knowhow. Should I enable Mac filtering on the Netgear? I don't think the D-Link is assigned its on IP address. When I am home again, I shall check as to whether the D-Link's Mac address appears on the Netgear. Any other advice more than welcome.

  brundle 16:15 28 Apr 2009

Don't add any more security until you've got somewhere with your current problem. I don't actually know if the extender should have it's own IP address - if it's just a simple repeater then it should only pass on the IP of the router providing the original wireless signal, but I would still expect to see its MAC address appearing in the Netgear devices list....

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