Getting a MPEG video CD to play

  carlos 10:09 25 Feb 2003

Created an mpeg video using Pinnacle DV. The mpeg plays fine if I click on the file created( automatically opens default video player and plays) but once I've burnt it to CD using Easy CD video CD wizard, I can't get the CD to play on the same PC unless I open the MPEGAV folder and double click the DAT file in it ( whilst in Windows Media player for eg). Also, it doesn't play automatically on my DVD player. Hope I'm making sense and would be very grateful for any help( new to this game)

  beastieboy 10:27 25 Feb 2003

A MPEG video should just be one single file methinks and therefore only 1 file should be on the CD - I'm pretty new to this also.

By the way, is the Pinnacle DV hardware any good?


  MAJ 11:00 25 Feb 2003

A VCD wont autorun on a CD-ROM player. But if your DVD supports VCDs it should run okay on that.

  carlos 12:31 25 Feb 2003

Pinnacle seems good to me, but havn't tried others to compare. My DVD player is also CD, VCD player. When I burnt the MPEG movie to CD I ended up with 6 folders! CDDA, CDI, Karaoke, MPEGAV, SEGMENT and VCD!!! What am I doing, I wonder? The DAT file in the MPEGAV folder is the one that starts the movie if I open it in WWin Media player, for eg.

  stlucia 12:57 25 Feb 2003

I can't offer any more technical advice than the other contributers, but just to reassure you that I think you're doing the right thing:

I use Pinnacle DV and have created Video CDs by creating MPEG files in VCD format, and then burning them onto a blank CD-R using Roxio Platignum. When I've finished burning I end up with six files on the CD, just like you've described. And the movie then runs okay on my DVD player.

I would suggest that your only problem might be that your DVD player won't play home-made VCDs.

  carlos 13:33 25 Feb 2003

Reassuring BUT, I expected to see a single clickable file on the CD which would automatically open up an mpeg player. The mpeg movie on the hard drive( that I then burned to CD, using Roxio Platinum)does this. Do you have to find that DAT file and click it to get your movie played?

  Lev 13:33 25 Feb 2003

just like to say ive been burning a few Mpeg vcds with varying success using Nero.
A few observations
1. you can burn more than 1 file on a cd
2. They auto play on my creative audigy player
3. They auto play on my Philips DVD
Try the forum at click here
you will probably find the help you need there

  MAJ 13:44 25 Feb 2003

If you just want to play an mpeg file in your CD-ROM, carlos, then don't burn it as a VCD, instead, burn it as a data CD. Then, depending on your Operating System, you can get it to autorun by burning an "Autorun.inf" file to the CD at the same time as you burn the mpeg.

  carlos 14:11 25 Feb 2003

Will check the site, Lev. Will try the dataCD way tonight, Maj. Appreciated

  siouxah1 14:17 25 Feb 2003


Just in passing. If you burn a VCD using wizard you will always get those folders written to disc. All part of the VCD format. Same if you write SVCD. Required for most compatible standalone DVD players. (I say most, for my DVD player will play mpeg from menu)

If only playing on computer then MAJ's way is the best. Using mpeg and autorun.inf.

Regards Brian j

  stlucia 15:58 25 Feb 2003

Sorry I didn't get back sooner, but siouxah1 and maj have said what I would have said!

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