Getting Master to recognise programs on Slave

  Will 19:29 13 Jun 2008

I have upgraded my computer today to the spec below. I have made my previous harddrive the slave on the new system but I can't seem to open any of the programs from the old hardrive and I can't access the internet throught the broadband MODEM(this is my laptop so I know the link is okay) Can anybody suggest where I may have to change a setting? Also I am wondering where ITunes won't jump in anymore. Any help would be appreciated.

Pentium 4 GIG,
1 gig RAM
Primary HD 250gig
Secondry HD 120gig
XP Home
Geforce 8400GS

  jimv7 19:35 13 Jun 2008

You will have to reinstall the programmes to your slave drive, although they are installed on the slave, parts of them are also installed onto the windows registry on 'c' drive and they will not work without this.

  Will 19:42 13 Jun 2008

Thanks for that, and have you any idea what will happen to the IPOD Music?

  jimv7 19:50 13 Jun 2008

Propably where itunes stores its downloads, within its own programe?, search the slave drive.

  Jak_1 20:09 13 Jun 2008

You would have been better off leaving the original drive as the master and installed the new drive as the slave. I take it that you installed the os on to the new drive and therefore the registry will not have info on the programs in order for you to open them.
The way I see it is you can either re-instigate your old drive as master and make the new one the slave or, re-install all your programs on to the new drive and move any data files linked to the programs into their respective folders.

  Will 17:08 14 Jun 2008

he guy who built me the computer suggested it would be best to leave the system he had buit as it is an add the old drive as the slave or the Motherboard may have difficulty recognising it and asking for codes etc etc so I have gone along wit his suggestion. I am now having trouble with the modem though!! The modem is the only thing tht isn't playing, I am getting the occational blue scen and t bames the modm... any ideas? I have allowed it to report to microsoft and I have downloded ervice pack 3 for XP, I will see what happens

  Jak_1 17:15 14 Jun 2008

Ah, I missread your first post. Best thing to do is to re-install all your programs to the main drive and then transfer any associated data files from the slave to the appropriate program/my docs (Word doc files). I would leave SP3 for XP alone at the moment as many are having problems with it.
As for the modem, what make etc. I would delete all references to it and then re-install.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:23 14 Jun 2008

If you put old drive as mater the XP on old drive will have all the drivers for your old system and may not boot. This is why your builder said put as slave.

You could try to put as master and then reboot to straight into safe mode, delete all drivers for your motherboard and old equipment and install new drivers for your new equipment.

If it will do that then you can use old drive as master and all your old programs will work.

  woodchip 17:36 14 Jun 2008

You could try this as I find that some do work, it depends on how the programs as been written. Look for the main .exe file that starts the program and double click it, if it works you can right click it and drag a shortcut to desktop. As above most will need reloading

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