Getting a laptop What should we go for

  Internetwhizzkid 23:10 23 Oct 2006

my mum is going to be getting a laptop. Now being a computer mad person that i am, i want to be able to tell my mum what laptop to go for and let her go buy one that would waste her money if you know what i mean.
i do have some suggestions (dell toshiba. and not packard bell.)

can anyone please make some more suggestions that are a reasonable price.

It will be used for email web browsing and word processing nothing major.

Now i will also be getting a computer for christmas so can anyone else do the same for me as the above
only this time the laptop will be used for

web, emails, word processing, power downloading, games and burning cd's and dvds (A dvd e writer is what i want).



  Totally-braindead 23:27 23 Oct 2006

Only advice I can give as I know a bit about desktops but little about laptops is, for gaming unless its older games you're wasting your time. I'm sorry but unless you spend a very large sum of money they just don't have the graphic capability, even then they aren't as good as a desktop with a dedicated graphics card. Regarding your mums computer any will do really, all laptops will do what you ask of that. Personally I rather like Toshibas, 2 friends have had them for a few years and never had a problem. Set a price and look at what you can get as I presume you aren't talking about spending £1500 on each of the laptops.

  moorie 23:31 23 Oct 2006
  moorie 23:35 23 Oct 2006

also try click here

  vinnyT 11:31 24 Oct 2006

For your mothers requirements just abuot any LT would do.

For yours, it's going to cost abit if you are serious about gaming, take alook at;

Rock Extreme CTX Pro (from £1249 inc VAT) = click here

Dell XPS M1710 (£1239 inc VAT) = click here

Hope this helps.

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