Getting Hacked

  CJ12 00:06 26 Jan 2008

Ok I am stuck...
It seems I had my account hacked on a forum I belonged to the forum owner had the forum hacked and some members accounts were hacked mine included...
Whoever it was did it went on to hack my account on another forum and my account there has dissapeared Im told... Ive been asked to rejoin but as I cant get into the site I cant even do that so it seems the reason I cant get into the 3 sites concerned is because Ive been hacked my question is what should I do now ...???
Do I report it when we have very little evidence to present...???
How do I solve the issue and how can I get back into the sites one of which is my main e mail and broadband account online...???
I can access my mail via OE but not online...
Do I need to report it to to Orange home... can they do anything and can this person be messing with my computer still or just with sites...???
Please bear with me Im a bit of a novice still...
Thank you for your patience...

  Graham. 00:55 26 Jan 2008

'I can access my mail via OE but not online'

Can we assume you can get online?

Do you mean your account has been 'hijacked'.
If your ISP is Orange, they should be able to help.

  CJ12 01:06 26 Jan 2008

Yes I can get online & go to all sites except the two Fan sites I belong to I can even still go to the local Forum that was hacked...
The Admin there said my account had been taken out by a hacker (he left his hacker matk?) who wanted revenge on him for some reason (a forum war I think) then when I went to my Fan Forum I found I couldnt go to it at all it comes up as not able to access so I contacted that Forum Admin and she said she cant find my account anywhere and thinks ists been hacked too... Maybe the right word is Hyjacked I dont know...???
I can access my Orange e mail via OE but usually do it online but I cant get it as I get the Erroe message again...
I just dont understand whats happening but have e mailed Orange will they be able to sort getting onto the forum site too...???
I really appreciate any help as do I need to get my computer checked out or is it a connection thing and is it safe to do online banking now too please...???
Thank you

  CJ12 01:30 26 Jan 2008

I get this message with the error page...

If this is an HTTPS (secure) address, click tools, click Internet Options, click Advanced, and check to be sure the SSL and TLS protocols are enabled under the security section.

I looked there but found there is 2 SSL and 1 is ticked not the other should they both be ticked...???

Thanks again

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:57 26 Jan 2008

'is it safe to do online banking'...yes, your forum password has been found out, it is nothing to do with your computer. It will not be hacking, merely guesswork.

Download Ccleaner, run it and delete all it finds click here. This will erase all your temp files and other rubbish. Then try to connect again.


  tullie 09:22 26 Jan 2008

Cant you rejoin using another email address and user name,if thats what you use to enter the forum?

  p;3 11:02 26 Jan 2008

click here
is the orange forum ; see if anything on there helps?

if you are worried that something more sinister has happened please state what your antivirus program is, other protection, when last updated and fully run and when you last updated Windows

  CJ12 22:30 26 Jan 2008

The orange forum link doesnt work for me ...
The Ccleaner hasnt made any difference at all...

I have AVG antivirus ...
Regular update with everything...

Anymore ideas gratefully accepted thanks...

  CJ12 23:49 26 Jan 2008

Update :
I got into the Orange forum and aparently there is a server down but we werent told but I dont understand why we can still access our fsmail accounts just not the main Orange accounts ...
Still one problem solved eh?

If I could just get into my Fan Forum now Id be happy...

  Burpie 23:54 26 Jan 2008

If I could just get into my Fan Forum now Id be happy...

Which forum.

  CJ12 12:25 27 Jan 2008

WOW ...!!!
After doing what they suggested on the Orange forum Im back into the Fan Form again so I can now rejoin click here

Its amazin ... Thank you for pointing me there... we needed to go into our livebox internet settings and disconnect then wait a few minutes the click on Connect again and that put it right...

Thank you soooooooooo much...
I got my Orange mail back 'an just checked the fan forum and Im in again... Whoooo Hooo...
Blessings & LOve to you all...
Boi Boi Boi...!!! x

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