Getting Geared up for broadband

  six-h 16:01 26 Feb 2007

I'm at last getting connected,with TT3. can anyone suggest good value equipment to give me a wireless setup. I don't particularly need wireless, but I'm led to believe that it is not much more expensive than wired connection, wiht the advantage of a hardware firewall for protection, right?

  Stuartli 16:43 26 Feb 2007

A wired modem router also had a firewall. I bought this e-Buyer Value model (a rebadged Safecom model) for around £22 late last year, but it's down to £15 now:

click here

You do say you have no real need for wireless whilst a further benefit of this model is that it can handle up to ADSLMax2+.

Mine hasn't missed a beat to date even though it's on permanently.

  Dipso 21:09 26 Feb 2007

If you would consider B-Grade I got a Speedtouch 585v6 from click here? They are currently selling them for £23.99 delivered which is less than half price of new. You get a 30 day warranty which should be long enough to test it out. Mine has been fine.

  six-h 16:17 05 Mar 2007

despite Stuartli's impecable reference for thewired modem/router, I have decided to go the wireless route,saving carpet grovelling or going under the floor! However, dsl Depot advise that there is no tech support at all for the thompson speedtouch recommended by Dipso.Is there a safer way to aquire a wireless router at reasonable cost??

  tullie 16:22 05 Mar 2007

Are you not getting a free router from your new isp?

  six-h 16:25 05 Mar 2007

No, as I've not yet signed up to one, I'm going with talk3 and have declined their offer of one for £29.

  Gongoozler 16:25 05 Mar 2007

I use the Netgear DG834G click here. I know it's not the cheapest, but it was an absolute doddle to set up. I bought the version that came with a USB wireless dongle which I use on my laptop that doesn't have wireless click here.

  Dipso 16:46 05 Mar 2007

I think you have a choice of a well known brand named router with support/warranty etc, for £50-£60 or a lesser known brand for marginally less or the B-grade option with no manufacturer support for half the price.

If support is important to you it might be advisable to go for the new brand named but both the Speedtouch and the Netgear are very easy to set up, the Speedtouch with the provided set up CD and the Netgear with the set up wizard.

The other benefit of getting a popular model is there are a lot of other people on forums such as this who can offer advice if you need it.

  six-h 16:48 06 Mar 2007

So, as you point out, excellent technical help is available through these pages,What about reliability, is it likely that after the first 30 days have passed without incident,the device will more than likely give continued good service? What's making me cagey is the large saving to be had, Businesses are not generally given to such magnanimosity, which makes me hear srains of the old tune, "there may be trouble ahead!!"

  Gongoozler 17:48 06 Mar 2007

six-h,which models are you worried about? I have bought several items from Ebuyer and Novatech over the years and have always found that they honour their warranty responsibilities, although they may take a week or more to do so. I've never yet had reason to return anything to Amazon and so cannot comment on them. A friend recently had a Netgear router fail within the warranty period. he returned it to Netgear and they sent a replacement immediately on receipt of the faulty unit.

  Stuartli 19:51 06 Mar 2007

Amazon's returns service is absolutely first class - it once fully honoured a warranty for a set of £250 Logitech 5.1 speakers by refunding their cost, plus that of returning them, when they went faulty.

For your interest, the speakers came with a two year warranty and the fault developed after 18 months.

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