Getting Freeseve BB - a little tip

  JACC 15:44 03 Mar 2004

I've just recently installed Freeserve BB 512kbps, using W98se .If there is anybody out in the wild blue yonder thinking of it i can save them some time,money and hair pulling.I tried to install mine and the modem was not recognised , so i phoned Freeserve and we tried everything but the kitchen sink . The modem is a SpeedTouch 330 so i went onto their site , had a nose about and decided to download the lateset drivers . Well what do you know it worked .The people at FS were very good ( Justin and Craig , just incase their boss trawls this site ) but if you use W98 save yourself a lot of time and download the new drivers for the modem first . Hope this helps someone . Oh...BB is the bees knees .

  tbh72 17:38 03 Mar 2004

click here

Excellent advice, there's the link so you can all update your SPEEDTOUCH ADSL MODEMS.

  Jester2K 17:46 03 Mar 2004

In case you are using a CopperJet modem on a Packard Bellwith Freeserve ADSL - click here

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 18:07 03 Mar 2004

my uncle says freeserve bb is crap.he works for pc world and he would get 10% off but still he doesn't use not saying it is crap. by the way iv never sufed with freeserve so what would i know?

  JACC 18:17 03 Mar 2004

Big ben strikes again!!! ,
everybody at sometime has a gripe at things that other people never have any hassle with . Maybe it's that your uncle suffered with FS at some point ? Freeserve BB is by far the most popular being used at the moment so it must be doing something right .But i'll let you know if i have any hassle .

  GaT7 19:17 03 Mar 2004

Thanks for the post JACC. I have a W98se PC too & should come in helpful when I join the BB revolution.

Also, wanted to say it's nice to know that there're people like you who gives credit where it's due & informs us when service is good. Well done!

Cannot stand the ravers & ranters, I have to say, no matter how bad their experiences. Suppose it's their lack of perspective & bad attitude that really puts me off.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 20:44 03 Mar 2004

sorry crossbow!i didnt mean to make it sound i was grumpy or i have a bad attitude. and sorry JACC,that applys to you too.sorry point out a handy tip to everyone and i go and tell you that your service is crap!.not really a great way to say thanx is it?.sorry again

  MidgetMan 08:50 04 Mar 2004

Every one has a bit of a rant now again, but in the future can you please leave out the swear words???


  GaT7 11:33 04 Mar 2004

Wasn't directing my 'disgust' towards you as such - t'was more of a general statement. I've seen much worse recently where the FE's had to step in - not very nice. Many thanks for the apology all the same : )

I'm with MidgetMan too. PLEASE folks: keep it clean, sarcasm-free, non-vengeful & as pleasant as you can - for ALL of us.

  BIG ben strikes again!!! 13:03 04 Mar 2004

sorry,there will be no more swear words

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