Getting files off broken laptop HDD

  Midsman2005 20:03 20 Sep 2010


I have a laptop that is basically broken (totally dead!) but the HDD is fine.

There are various files on the HDD I would like to retrieve.

I have access to a desktop PC and I was wondering if there was any way I could 'connect' the HDD from the laptop to the desktop in order to view and then copy the files.

I have installed and upgraded desktop HDD's, motherboards, graphic cards, etc so I kind of know my way around the inside of a PC.

Any advice appreciated.


  Strawballs 20:17 20 Sep 2010

Get a 2.5" caddy put the drive in it and connect to other PC via USB click here you just need to find out if it's SATA or IDE

  ruskle 20:29 20 Sep 2010

That's exactly what I did Strawballs. I got money back from Curry's as my Laptop was only 13 months old. I bought a new laptop and sold the broken laptop to a repair shop for spares but kept the 500Gb HD. I now use the SATA caddy with the HD in it for a back up drive.

I think the caddy was about £9.


  Midsman2005 21:16 20 Sep 2010

Thanks so much guys...exactly what I was looking for!

Just out of interest how can you tell whether it's a SATA or IDE?

Although the laptop is about 5 or 6 years old and is a HP Compaq nc6220 so I'm guessing IDE.

Thanks once again for you help!

  grey george 21:21 20 Sep 2010

sata connectors are small about 20mm long ide connectors are very long over half the width of the drive. There should be a sticker on the drive giving you a lot techno. info.

  Strawballs 21:46 20 Sep 2010

click here It looks like it is an IDE drive

  Strawballs 21:47 20 Sep 2010

I did the same thing recently with a drive out of an HP Pavillion lappy with the cheaper IDE caddy from my link.

  onthelimit 08:59 21 Sep 2010

Maplins are doing a decent deal on a cable which can connect 2.5 and 3.5 SATA ot IDE click here

  onthelimit 09:00 21 Sep 2010

ot = or - where's the edit function!

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