Getting extremely frustrated with network HOW????

  drdeath 14:15 06 Apr 2006

HI i have just purchased a BT 2091 wirless router which ive set up fine, the problem is my network enable card (sitecom wl-112).I put the card into laptop and the 'activity' and 'link' lights light up, telling me the laptop recognises the card etc, then when i go into the wirless LAN utility screen it recognises the 'bt voyager' router then proceeds to ask for the 'key' im assuming this is the wirless key found at base of router, the problem is it doesnt allow me to enter all of the 13 wirless key code to anable me to move things forward ie connect wirelesely!! any help much appreciated you are my only hope regards

  InXP 14:35 06 Apr 2006

I'm not familiar with the BT router, but could this "key" be the WEP security key? which should be in the router setup facility.

  ade.h 15:49 06 Apr 2006

That can pretty much only be a WEP or WPA-PSK password. You should really establish your wireless link without a security protocol before trying to enable such features.

  drdeath 16:45 06 Apr 2006

As soon as i put in my wirless card to my laptop the wirless LAN adapter utility does recognise the card , as the btvoyager icon comes up in the ssid availible networks, when i click connect thats where the key code is asked for, im assuming its the keycode on base of btvoyager? help appreciated

  ade.h 17:57 06 Apr 2006

As I said: That can only be a security protocol password. It WILL NOT require the product code from the bottom of the router.

  pipedream 22:46 06 Apr 2006

Log into the router from Internet Explorer (check manual to see how to do this), find the Wireless Settings page and you should find a WEP or WPA key there somewhere (although normally routers are shipped with no security set up). This is the key you need to enter on the laptop.

  mgmcc 09:12 07 Apr 2006

A 128-bit WEP encryption key uses either 26 hexadecimal digits or 13 ASCII characters, 64-bit WEP uses 10 hexadecimal or 5 ASCII, so check that your Wireless Adapter is set for the correct type of key.

Hexadecimal digits are the numbers "0" to "9" and the letters "a" to "f".

  X-Ray Cat 09:31 07 Apr 2006

The SSID that you need IS the Couloured sticker on the base of the router. I have a similar problem that I am not allocated a DHCP address. This is due to the wireless driver requiring installation. You can these here: (click here)

  drdeath 11:11 07 Apr 2006

mgmc, you say 'Hexadecimal digits are the numbers "0" to "9" and the letters "a" to "f"' If this is the case it cannot be the 'wirless key' code i need as there is a 'm' letter in this key code, and when i try to enter a 'm' it will not allow it. I am using the 128 bit-WEP encryption key, have also downloaded drivers, no luck still!! i give up

  X-Ray Cat 11:34 07 Apr 2006

Your WEP Encryption key is the coloured sticker on the bottom of the router. (Case-Sensitive). Once you enter this it should connect.

  mgmcc 11:37 07 Apr 2006

It could be, and this is just supposition, that your router uses 128-bit encryption with a 13 character ASCII key, whereas your network adapter only supports the input of a hexadecimal key, although this would be 26 characters.

I think you need to check the settings in each device to see if you can find encryption that is common to both. If the 13 character key for the router is its "default" key, you may be able to set it up differently.

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