Getting Epson Print Properties back in English?

  Fay2 13:20 15 Apr 2009

Can anyone please tell me how to get my Epson 285 properties back to English instead of German?



  jamesd1981 20:53 24 Apr 2009

try uninstall and then clean install

  woodchip 21:17 24 Apr 2009

Sounds like you have ether chose German Install or or thats what the software is for

  Technotiger 21:49 24 Apr 2009

Or you could go to the Epson Uk site to download the latest drivers for your printer, and though I cannot remember exactly, you might then get the option to choose English as the language.

  Technotiger 21:50 24 Apr 2009

I meant to say, you may get the option to choose English at the start of the Install process.

  Fay2 23:01 25 Apr 2009

Thanks All .... I did install in english but for some strange reason the 'print preferences' was in German.

I went on e-epson which is great and a chap sent me the instructions on how to clear the whole thing off and start again from a file on the installation disc. He said it often happens when Windows uses a foreign language information file and a standard unistall wont remove it all.

There was five long winded steps which I tried three times without success, in the end somebody I know installed a more up to date driver off th Epson site. It worked and he told me the driver on my installation disc was no good.

My only problem now is everytime I boot up my computer finds new hardware and the wizard pops up telling me that my printer was not installed properly and may ot work...HOW DO I GET RID OF IT.?grrrrr


  rdave13 23:05 25 Apr 2009

Uninstall the printer software again, reboot, and try just installing the basic driver. You should have the option to install the basic driver through Sony's install disc.

  Technotiger 06:38 26 Apr 2009

It is always best to install latest drivers from Epson on-line, rather than rely on drivers off a disc - even with brand new hardware, after loading the drivers from the supplied disc one should always then update the drivers from the makers site - who knows how old that disc was?

Did you disconnect the printer before starting the Driver installation? After starting the Driver installation, watch the screen for any prompts, you will be prompted to connect the Printer near the beginning of the software installation.

If you are still getting the annoying message, try running click here this might clear any hiccup in the Registry.

  Fay2 19:18 26 Apr 2009

rdave13 ... I don't know whether I dare try uninstalling and installing just the driver as you say as I didn't get it right when I tried it ... I'm not that technically minded (I don't think)

techno ... I can't remember if the printer was disconnected .. the USB was in and out that many times but I think it was. Thanks for the link to CCleaner but I remember downloading it for some other problem I had a while ago and I chickened out using it as it seemed far too technical for me .... I'm always frightened I make a small problem worse......

Yes I'm still getting my annoying message .... I'll get 'my man' back.....he can have a go... I thought a small thing like language would be so easy to change.

thankyou all again .... great site..

  ACOLYTE 21:18 26 Apr 2009

Check in control panel date,time,region options,then click region and launguage options,click the advanced tab and make sure unicode for non english programs is set to english not german.

  Fay2 23:46 26 Apr 2009

I've just checked Acolyte..

'Select a language to match the language version of the non-unicode programs you want to use'

and it says 'English (UK)'

If that is the place you mean.

It's was strange because most of the software was in english including the manual it was only when I was printing and pressed 'Print Preferences'.. the utilities, inks, paper sizes all the nozzle checks etc were the only things in German.


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