Getting E.mail setting from an image

  Amyfa 00:19 25 Sep 2006

I use acronis true image and I have just reinstalled my computer as I upgraded the motherboard chip and graphic card. I have got all the documents and picturs I wanted out of an old image, but how do I get my saved e.mails and e.mail setting from there? If anyone know can they tell me please.

  DieSse 01:28 25 Sep 2006

What email client (program) were you using?

  Amyfa 01:40 25 Sep 2006

Outlook Express 6

  terryf 04:28 25 Sep 2006

Look for a folder containing .dbx files . This folder name can be found by going to OE>tools>options>maintenance>store folder. This will give you the current store folder but I have no idea whether it will be exactly the same address in your image. I use a program called EA8 to back up email data but this is of no help in recovering now.

  terryf 04:33 25 Sep 2006

ps have you tried click here

  Amyfa 09:41 25 Sep 2006


  Amyfa 11:37 25 Sep 2006

I thought there were a lot of people on here that used Acronis True image.
Does anyone know how to get e.mail settings and e.mails from an image once they have done a reinstall?

  mattyc_92 12:10 25 Sep 2006

When you restore an image (using the "Restore Drive/Partition" option) your system will be reverted to EXACTLY how it was when the image was created. This means that any settings, personal files, internet history, etc... will be replaced with those in the image

  Amyfa 12:12 25 Sep 2006

Yes I know that but I have changed the motherboard, chip, graphic card. So I cant go back to that image I just need to get the e.mails and e.mail setting out of an old image.

  mattyc_92 12:22 25 Sep 2006


1. Launch Acronis True Image
2. Select the "Mount Image" option and select the backup image
3. Navigate to drive:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Address Book (where 'drive' is the drive letter of the mounted image and '<username>' is your username) and you *should* find a *.wab file. This contains your (as the folder name suggests) address book

I can't seem to find the "Outlook Express Settings" folder, so maybe someone else can help you with that? (or you could google it)

  DieSse 12:51 25 Sep 2006

When you have mounted the image, then do a search dor .dbx files on the old drive. This will tell you where the old OE folders are located.

Then armed with the locations, use OE and the File - Import function to get your old data into the new setup.

Account settings - I'm not sure how or even if you can import them. I've always written them down first!

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