Getting connected with a Linksys Gateway

  Moominpa 13:48 25 Mar 2006

I've just bought a WirelessG ADSL Home Gateway to get the laptop and PC networked and both onto broadband. I follow the set up wizard faithfully, yet at the end it says "Failed to connect to the internet". Linksys support have suggested a few things but none of them works; and I've exchanged the gateway, but the same happens. Any ideas anyone?

  ade.h 14:09 25 Mar 2006

Firstly, tell us what Linksys suggested so that we don't make the same suggestions and we can rule out what didn't work.

  Moominpa 14:23 25 Mar 2006

They told me to reset the Gateway and then gave me a list of instructions that were the same as the set up wizard - so that didn't work. Then they said the same, but by-pass the microfilter and connect the gateway straight to the walljack. And that hasn't worked either. (I've also sent off to linksys UK support - but I've heard nothing from them in 2 weeks!)

  ade.h 14:31 25 Mar 2006

So they aren't up to much then really! Repeating the actions of the wizard because it's all the know and suggesting that you can use an ADSL line without a filter!

I'll have to look through some Linksys documentation and a few tech articles that relate to this sort of thing, and I'll try to post back later.

In the meantime, someone else might have the answer.

  ade.h 14:34 25 Mar 2006

Oh, and don't forget to triple-check your ADSL settings with your ISP - protocol, VPI/VCI and so on - just in case something doesn't match, especially if any of the settings were gathered automatically by the wizard.

  Moominpa 14:34 25 Mar 2006

Thanks ade.h. And after that helpful advice, Linksys sent a customer satisfaction questionnaire!!

  Soupowl 18:04 25 Mar 2006

If you have an internal card, try holding down the FN key and then the F2 key. You will see a pictue of an aerial. If it is crossed out, release both keys then press them again. Now the aerial should not be crossed out and you may be able to cooneect.

  Soupowl 18:10 25 Mar 2006

Put the mouse over the wireless icon on the bottom right hand corner, should give you a balloon with connectivity info. click the bubble, you should get a box up, click 'view wireless networks', then click in the blue box that appears and you should get an option to 'repair' click this and it might resolve it for you. You can also access this from the control panel - click 'network conections', then 'wireless network connection'. then the repair button. Good luck - I nearly lost my mind setting mine up, but then it worked!!

  Moominpa 18:38 25 Mar 2006

Thanks. I've tried what you suggested but it didn't repair.
I'm pretty certain my ADSL settings are OK, but I'm atempting to speak to someone at BT Broadband just to check.

  ade.h 19:28 25 Mar 2006

Connection issues are rarely fixed by a repair, as most connection faults are beyond the rudimentary abilties of XP and require a bit of under-the-bonnet fiddling.

  Moominpa 20:50 06 Apr 2006

Eureka. Going over and over it, I spotted a missing letter in my user name - how dumb's that? Mind you, it would've helped if the error messages had been a bit more helpful than just "Failed to connect". Thanks everyone

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