Getting confused by notebooks...

  andytomp 19:07 24 Jul 2003

I'm looking to buy a notebook.

Things which are important...

- Screen size / clarity
- Comfy keyboard
- Good bat life
- Light

Not too worried about power. It's going to be a word processor / email / internet machine.

There seems to be a lot of options, processor wise. But it's looking like I should go for one with a specific mobile processor in it for battery life.

Budget... Probably looking at a grand (before VAT) max. Is that always going to tight on a laptop? I usually build my own desktops so get a really decent machine for less than a grand. I don't think it's going to be that easy.

The other thing is second hand machine, any particular models about a year / two years old I should look out for? Any websites which have an archive of older reviews?

I've been told IBM thinkpads are always a safe bet. Would there be any problems with getting an older machine onto a wireless network. It will it be hunky dory as long as I've got a pc card slot?

Any help / recommendations much appreciated.

  Gaz 25 02:55 25 Jul 2003

click here For buissness auctions, cheap PC's it may be actually, try it.

I like the medion laptops myself or the Compaq.

Look for a 2.8 at £1,200

  andytomp 09:29 25 Jul 2003

Neither .com or worked...

  graham√ 09:32 25 Jul 2003

Try Ebay click here

  andytomp 09:43 25 Jul 2003

The thing is, I still really wouldn't know what to look for as far as a second hand laptop goes.

I suppose I need to find an archive of reviews of machines a year or two old.

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